Lemmons (evillemmons) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Cast of "Game of Thrones" on CONAN (FULL) + VIEWING POST!

-One of the cast members present is gonna die on the show
-Maisie and Sophie went to a U2 concert and went backstage, Bono asked Sophie and Maisie for their names and then Maisie asked him for his lmao
-Greyworm looking like Miles Morales
-John Bradley thinks Kit Harington is like Mona Lisa come to life
-The kid that plays Bran (sorry I cannot remember all of their names) summarizes Bran's arc
-Conleth, Alfie and Jacob joke about not having dicks
-Alfie signs autographs with a little dick next to his name
-Jacob ends arguments with his girlfriend by spoiling Game of Thrones for her
-Nathalie talks about her nude scene
-Conan asks Liam when he's gonna get naked on GoT lmao
-Conleth says he gets paid for doing nothing, but he pours his own wine on the show lmao
-Gwen says her dentist asked for GoT spoilers
-Hodor surprises Bran <3

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, discussion, game of thrones (hbo), sophie turner
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