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Dog rescuer says Lisa Vanderpump stiffed her out of $32K

· Lizzie Scherer of Saving Spot dog rescue says the Vanderpumps, who were supporters of her rescue, agreed to basically buy her out of her rescue because they were looking for rental space. Scherer says the agreement was that Ken would pay rent on her facility for 3 years and offer her a job within their rescue
· Ken never paid her rent but offered one month's rent if Scherer would sign a NDA and let the Vanderpumps out of the deal
· Lisa, who runs Vanderpump Dogs rescue, says they helped pay her rent out of their love for dogs and that Saving Spot was a mess. Vanderpump's rep says Scherer was unable to run her rescue to the Vanderpumps' standards. Saving Spot lost their non-profit status in 2015, which Scherer blames on an administrative error. Their non-profit status has been reinstated but Scherer's rescue is still expected to shut down. Scherer's considering legal action

Tags: bark bark bark, celebrity pets / animals, charity, legal / lawsuit, reality show - bravo
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