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The Killers Release 2nd Single "Run For Cover" and Reveal Album Artwork and Release Date

After bringing back 70's disco with their first single "The Man" - The Killers return to former Glory with their signature sound on second single "Run For Cover." The song (which was written for their third album "Day & Age" and only completed until now) will be included in their upcoming fifth album "Wonderful Wonderful," the bands first album in five years. The band also revealed the album artwork for the standard and deluxe editions of their upcoming album as well as the release date. The new album drops Friday, September 22nd 2017 (this OP's birthday tbqh). Pre-Order 'Wonderful Wonderful' now and on iTunes and other platforms! Check out the new song and album artwork below.

Wonderful Wonderful Standard Album Cover:

1. "Wonderful Wonderful"
2. "The Man"
3. "Rut"
4. "Life To Come"
5. "Run For Cover"
6. "Tyson vs Douglas"
7. "Some Kind Of Love"
8. "Out Of My Mind"
9. "The Calling"
10. "Have All The Songs Been Written?"

Wonderful Wonderful Deluxe Edition Album Cover:

11. "Money On Straight"
12. "The Man (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)"
13. "The Man (Duke Dumont Remix)"

no puedo. the new single...the new album on my birthday. the tour. it's all too much.

ONTD, are you buying tickets to their upcoming tour?

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