HBO Has Two of the Black Producers Defending Their Upcoming Series 'Confederate'

"Regardless of how awkwardly that press release was phrased, we are involved as peers, as full executive producers and as partners," said Malcolm, one of the producers. "If you render us a footnote, the assumption is that we're just a prop or a shield...Our own people marginalized us like that." He says HBO made a mistake by emphasizing Benioff and Weiss

"First thing to tell everybody is what the project is not," said Malcolm Spellman. "The project is not antebellum imagery, it's not whips, it's not plantations, it's not a celebration or pornography for slavery. And, most importantly, it's not an entire nation of slaves."
"I think there is less discomfort is dealing with slavery when it is in the past, but talking about white supremacy [in today's times] without trying about where it comes from, is crazy to us."-said Malcolm.

"We are black and we are not going to create that reality, we are not doing that kind of show."- They said.