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Wynonna Earp 2X09 promo and roundup

Promo for episode 2X09, “Forever Mine Nevermind”: [Spoiler (click to open)]'Wynonna asks Doc to make an impossible choice. Waverly makes a new friend — and is terrorized by an old one.'

This is a trailer they showed at SDCC, some scenes from this last episode, very few new ones:

Emily Andras' post 2X08 interviews with EW and The TV Junkies.


[Spoiler (click to open)]
* They always knew Waverly and Bobo had a special connection, that he was fascinated with her in a way that wasn't just 'healthy admiration'. Now they showed that in the past Bobo was Waverly's protector. They leaned into this storyline when they saw the incredible chemistry between Dominique Provost-Chaulkley and Michael Eklund.

* All the Revenants aren't coming back, Bobo is special for some reason. Bobo is an enigma. He was as much an innocent victim of the curse as the Earps, but when he returned to Earth in demon form, he was one of the most vicious, conniving Revenants.

* Nicole held the test results from Waverly, sometimes when we try to protect the people we love, we end up hurting them more than we can imagine. They're in for some tough times, even if they still absolutely adore one another.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Bobo is back- why out of all the Revenants, he gets resurrected when Wynonna dies? Is it because he was shot outside of the Ghost River Triangle? Because of his connection to the Earps? There's a lot of questions that are intriguing and interesting. Emily loves the juxtaposition of back to complete, evil Bobo, when we've just seen Robert Svane, who was a good man who got caught up in this curse.

* Bobo has a pretty special bond with all the Earp girls and Wynonna, in her selflessness, realized she could plan the idea in Bobo's head that Waverly is his angel. In some ways she's responsible for him being so fond of Waverly, whether that means Waverly is legitimately his daughter, or just someone he cares about and is intrigued by? It's safe to assume the DNA test at least has confirmed that Waverly is no an Earp. At the end when Waverly is looking over the test, looking over the ice and remembering the true circumstances of who saved her that day, she is starting to put some threads together in her heart too.

* Nicole lying about the test to Waverly was ten times worse on some level. The two are not in a good place right now, they're going to have to figure out how to resolve it, or not. Emily is sympathetic to Rosita, who is in a tough position, as Nicole explained to Waverly. Rosita cares about Doc, who cares about her, but has strong feelings for Wynonna and is possibly having a baby with her. She's on the outside and was genuine about her attempts to do right with the baby shower, to get to know Waverly and Nicole better.

* With the exception of Melanie, Michael Eklund is Tim's favorite actor to play opposite. He always jokes that whatever Michael does in rehearsal is never the same thing he does on set, so you really have to be in the moment with him and react to it. Michael brings a presence to the set and the show, his charisma is unmatched and you really miss him. You saw that back in the day their positions were reversed and Doc was the cruel, tortured bully, while Robert Svane was the principled, meek lawman. The Earps aren't the only ones cursed, Robert was a victim of another sort and it's all going to weigh on Wynonna as the Earp heir. It's what makes Sheriff Clootie so bad, because sometimes the innocent have been drawn into this web as well and are tortured.

* When asked if all the talk about enemies being in your own house is possibly being foreshadowing to Wynonna-Dolls relationship, Emily says that Dolls is very moral, but trust doesn't come easy and part of the tragedy of this world is that people have their own agendas because they need to survive. Dolls and Wynonna really went through something together this episode, it was a reminder how much Dolls loves Wynonna and he'll fight through anything to help her and try to save her.

* Melanie improvised the 'tacos are tasty' line this episode. About 2X09: [Spoiler (click to open)] There's a lot of really important conversations, which might not sound sexy, but apparently it is. There are some pairings that we need, some really scary shit happens and one of the most terrifying endings of the season. Then 2X10 is crazy and one of Emily's favorite episodes of the year. It's completely exhausting but it's so good.

Wynonna Earp SDCC panel, thanks to washizdarkbliss for finding it. The sound is pretty poor, just warning you, I couldn't understand everything they were saying and they cut before the audience Q&A part.

Transcribing to the best of my abilities:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
- Emily once again talks about writing in Melanie's pregnancy, how Melanie was afraid to disappoint Emily and how everyone supported Melanie.

- Dominique about what Dolls is: Why label?

- Moderator: 'How long until we get into the polyamory I keep pushing?' Emily jokes that it's too early and we should wait till S4, before talking about non traditional families and building the family you want, vs. the family you have.

- It's not a traditional love triangle, Doc and Dolls are grownups and now like each other.

- Tim thinks Wynonna doesn't have to pick between them, he's up for a threesome.

- Varun thinks Doc-Dolls-Jeremy is not the threesome people expect, but it's the threesome everyone wants (moderator: It's the threesome Jeremy wants. Varun: 100%, he binded them together for a reason).

- Katherine gets nervous when she acts with Melanie, because she's so fantastic. She was really looking forward to filming their scenes and had such a fun time, getting to play with Mel. It pushed her as an actor because she had to control her nerves. It was great playing drunk!Nicole because she's a character who is always in control.

- Varun: Everyone was very welcoming to him and Tamara. Tamara was very nervous because it's like going to someone else's Thanksgiving and everyone has their own dynamic, but everyone was friendly and giving, on and off set.

- Tamara was an Earper fan first before being cast, Varun says he was a fan too.

- They joke about Beau Smith (Wynonna Earp comic writer) being Waverly's father.

- The black eyes for Gooverly/Goononna was sometimes special effects, sometimes contacts.

- Beau talks about the comics, specifically 'Wynonna Earp: Season Zero". They've been globe trotting the first couple of arcs, but Beau wanted it to have something to do with the show. He says Emily was gracious enough to give him three gifts: 1) Before the show started Wynonna rode with a biker gang called 'The Banditos' and told Beau he could flesh that out (since they couldn't afford to do it). 2) He's gonna write about the key around Wynonna's neck 3) Something in Wynonna's past that she was shocked when Lucado said to her (last season) 'we know what you did'. You can find out about all three in the comics.

- Beau said when he was writing the Season Zero comics he felt that something wasn't right (weeping was a clue) and when his wife asked him why he was crying, he said that he misses Tim. So after he spoke to his editor he called up Tim, who thanks him from the bottom of his heart for the greatest gift he's ever been given (since Emily). Beau calls Tim 'sensitive Sally'.

- Their favorite moment to film in S2-
Dom: The scene with Melanie at the end of episode 6, never in her life did she have an experience like that. She felt like she was shooting with two people, there was a presence there and it was humbling and made her realize there's something so much more important than anything else- life, Melanie was making a human, it was Dom's first time around a pregnant woman before. It was a magical and invigorating journey to share with Mel.

Shamier: His interactions with Varun, every time they do a scene together it's so funny. Varun is so great, such a star and such a great addition to the show.

Tim: For Tim it's his scene with Melanie in 2X07, as an actor working with Melanie this season was an honor, he was in awe of her while they were performing together, it was very easy to be affected by Melanie this season, because of what was going on. She was an inspiration to play maybe the father of the baby she was carrying. Tim knows it was a hard year for Melanie and she gave a lot, but selfishly, as an actor, it was the best experience he could have had. At the end of the scene when he put his hand on her belly, he felt the baby kick for the first time. (All the guys in front and behind the camera were very supportive of Melanie and her pregnancy).

Katherine: Nicole's scene with Nedley, where he told Nicole being a good cop mattered.

Varun: His second day of filming, he was very nervous and he and Dom were doing the scene when he gets hit on the head, Dom helped him through it and was very supportive and loving.

Emily: There are amazing Tamara moments coming that will surprise us, she has a moment in the finale that is Emily's favorite (it's Tamara's favorite as well). There's also an Earp sisters moment in the finale that she loves.

Beau: Loves in S2 having two more members of his family in Tamara and Varun.

Melanie: Melanie's favorite moments are upcoming. One is a scene with Dom and another castmember, another is a scene with Tim.

SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
GIFS: #1, #2

So much revealed, gonna have to process it all. And how about that ending?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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