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Jessie Ware is back with new song 'Midnight'

Jessie Ware released 'Midnight', first song from her upcoming third album. Her last album 'Tough Love' came out in 2014. It's not on Youtube yet but you can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

She did a short interview with Annie Mac and 'Midnight' was Annie Mac's Hottest Record In The World for Thursday 27th July 2017:

(Annie also plays 'Midnight' in the beginning of the interview from about 00:30)

She also did an interview with The FADER:

- Her currently untitled third album features collabrations with Francis and the Lights, Cashmere Cat, Julia Michaels and also previous collabrators Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco.
- Talks about rushing the album to get it out before having a baby. Also talks about making shitty music during her pregnancy and losing her identity.
- Talks about Childish Gambino, Solange, and Christine and the Queens, who all recently put out records with what she describes as “such strong identities.”
- Talks about it being her most personal album to date.
- Also talks about being more outspoken on social media and going to the Women's March in London with her daughter.
- Speaks about Nicki Minaj and how they collaborated.
- Talks about shooting her album artwork.

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I suck at embedding stuff, I tried to embed Spotify, Apple Music and the BBC Radio interview but they didn't show up when i previewed my post so I hope this is okay instead.
I'm so happy that she's back!! I love her music and 'Midnight' is a great comeback track imo.
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