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ONTD Original: Carly Rae's cool aunts of musical influence

Over time, Carly Rae Jepsen has evolved from a quaint and cute, one-hit wonder with "Call Me Maybe", to a full-blown, pop princess with hits like "Run Away With Me" and "Cut to the Feeling". These bops are flashbacks to the days of Saved By the Bell, the best Batman films, and when McDonalds sold pizza.

But what keeps Carly's creative fires burning at night? Who are the women that come to Carly in her dreams to whisper sweet, sparkle-pop influences into her ear? Who are her "Joanne"s? Let's dive in to Carly Rae's cool aunts of musical influence that may or may not be possessing her.

1. Amy Grant - Every Heartbeat (1991)

"Heart In Motion" was Amy Grant's eighth studio album and first venture from Christian Pop into Contemporary. Her first track "Baby Baby" hit number one on Billboard, and Grant's second single "Every Heartbeat" landed at number two. Like Carly, Amy knows how to get right down to your kindergarten feels with sweet, unproblematic pop that God probably listens to on her way to church.

Possible possession...

2. Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth (1989)

Debbie Gibson's second album "Electric Youth" was the highest charting album of her career - much like Carly's "Kiss". All tracks were written by Gibson and she single-handedly produced six of the songs herself. The title track "Electric Youth" was about pushing through the boundaries of teen angst and making the most of what we have. If anybody knows how to make the most of something, it's Carly!

Possible possession...

3. Paula Abdul - The Way That You Love Me (1988)

The legendary Paula Abdul was the first female artist to have four number one singles from a debut album. Her most overlooked bop "The Way That You Love Me" is a song about loving people for the right reasons and being honest with one another. Paula and Carly both know how to read someone's body language in order to figure out what's really going on. Don't make love complicated - just love!

Possible possession...

4. Taylor Dane - Love Will Lead You Back (1989)

Probably the most underrated auntie out of the group, Taylor Dane had a string of hits throughout the 80's and 90's. Her iconic ballad "Love Will Lead You Back" hit number one on Billboard and was written by legendary song writer Diane Warren. The song preaches patience when loving someone from afar - trusting that your love will bring them back if it's real. Woke ballads are Carly's specialty!

Possible possession...

5. Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now (1987)

Tiffany's timeless bop "I Think We're Alone Now" was the second single from her debut album and shot to number one on Billboard. The song quickly became a teen anthem about taking chances and taking nothing for granted. The song has been a pop culture staple ever since, and who else knows how to make pop anthems about seizing the moment? You guessed it. Carly. Spooky!

Possible possession...

What do you think, ONTD? Are there any other possible influencers that Carly may call the corners to? Are you possessed with any spiritual beings that get you through life?

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