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Shadowhunters - 2x17 Promo "Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen" & AfterBuzz with Matt Daddario

On Valentine & Sebastian
-They question whether Valentine is scared of Sebastian, but Matt thinks he is more cautious and aware of the potential for things to go wrong.
-What Valentine is doing doesn’t come from a place of malice – he really think he’s saving the world.
-Matt thinks the Clave is almost as bad as Valentine, with methods as increasingly brutal.
-Matt wants Sebastian/Jonathan to come back and use that form and face all the time, as he identifies Sebastian with that face now, and also doesn’t want to recast Will Tudor, says "that isn’t going to happen, no way".
-Regarding the Seb/Clary incest kiss"he’s not all there [...] with Valentine we had a Super Villain, but he was motivated by real decisions, by logic of his own making, we can understand it. I don’t think so with Sebastian [...] he’s a tragic character [...] he’s not to blame, he’s a creation of a monster, and he’s become a monster himself."
-Matt shades Alec as being a classic example of Clave training – someone new and dodgy comes in and suddenly bad things start happening, and he puts that guy in charge of Institute security.

On Climon
-Matt says on Clary/Simon: "don’t you get the sense that Simon’s feelings for Clary were always wrong... he loved her as a friend, this is very similar to how Alec felt for Jace, I always believed that it wasn’t true romantic love but it’s difficult for young people to differentiate [...] and you see this a lot in real life."
-Interviewer says after Simon’s hurt feelings are gone and he has another established relationship, hopefully he can rekindle his friendship with Clary – MATT LOOKS SHADY AND DISBELIEVING AF.
-Matt is really looking forward to when Simon finds out about Jace/Maia.
-Thinks Simon is trouble and he knows it and he’s playing everyone with the sweet cute adorable act, but really he’s running around the Downworld hooking up with everyone.

On Malec
-Matt knows everyone is going to try to drag Alec right now, but believes fully the reality is Alec did what he thought was best for the most people – for the greater good. His concern is for everyone, "not just his love life, because you can’t just choose one person."
-He thinks one of the biggest failings for Alec this season is that he ignored Izzy’s quiet cries for help with her addiction - he should have recognised it earlier despite her pushing him away, but he was too focused on his own personal emotional issues.
-Matt thinks it’s a “rough situation to be in: you have to share information when it’s appropriate, but we don’t go home with classified information to tell our husbands and wives, you don’t do that.”
-Thinks Magnus feels hurt because he’s “relating it to past experiences where he’s been hurt in similar situations, and he’s applying that history to Alec- it’s unfair, IT’S UNFAIR.”
-Thinks Alec and Magnus need more conversations about Magnus’ past so they can understand why he’s feeling this way and they can work through that.
-Thinks that relationships take time, “and that’s what’s beautiful about relationships – that you learn about people’s history and you create a new history together, and you try to create a better history for both of you, regardless of your circumstances.”
-“You have to have discovery, you have to have conflict – these are the sources of development in relationships, how you grow.”
-But Matt doesn’t want to talk about negativity anymore, which he feels is a constant problem in general, but wants to talk about the positivity from fans which he loves.
-Regarding the scene with Magnus having a right to get angry and Luke telling him to calm down, Matt will “protect Alec until the end of days” but “given his experiences yes, but at the same time he reacted with too much anger”.
-Thinks Alec should never have been involved in the torture when Magnus was in Valentine’s body.

On Luke
-Thinks Luke is infinitely more complex than we are privy to – and has far more history. Alec is so far beneath Luke in terms of experience and understanding, and Alec is good at recognising that. He knows he can’t pass judgement on somebody that he doesn’t have any real right to. There’s a lot going on there.”
-When asked about Isaiah hinting at/somewhat confirming there being a possibility in Luke/Maryse getting together... Matt looks significantly over at the publicist. (!!!)

On His Portrayal of Alec
-Talking about how on screen his portrayal of Alec seems kind of blank and withdrawn, Matt says how Alec hides everything he’s feeling, he’s very reserved in expressing himself, which doesn’t make for anything interesting on screen as you don’t see it. And when watching scenes back he often thinks he needs to portray the emotion more so we can see what’s going on, even though that is something Alec would never do – which is the difficulty in playing him and having the audience know what he’s going through whilst keeping it interesting and faithful to the character.

Sources: Promo, AfterBuzz

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