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The Challenge XXX 30x02

Redemption House
Eliminated players are told they will get a chance to get back into the game at some point.

CT finally arrives and Briana is Ashley's replacement.

Challenge: Cool Under Fire
Suspended in the air, sitting on a ledge against a wall that will be slowly tilting forward. Players will be able to sling tomatoes at them.
4 women and 4 men will win.
4 women and 4 men that fell the fastest will be up for elimination.

Nelson, Derrick K(road rules), Nicole, Cara Maria
Ct, Johnny Bananas, Tori, Camila

Derrick H, Jemmye, Cory, Veronica
Jenna, Leroy, Britni, Dario,

The winners get to choose 1 woman and 1 man into elimination.

Redemption house
Shane is sent home for having a physical fight with Simone.
Simone is sent home for waving around broken bottle after the fight.
The fight was not caught on camera because the camera people were done for the night.

Winners nominate - Briana and Cory

The 8 women/men that fell the fastest are told to pack their bags and take them to the eliminations round.

to be continued...

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