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Wynonna Earp 2X08 sneak peek and pics, plus SDCC roundup

Sneak peek and promotional photos for 2X08, "No Future in The Past":

SDCC cast pics

The cast at the Wynonna Earp party

[more pics]


Interviews from SDCC:

[Emily Andras]

- Emily Andras says it's all cliffhanger endings from here on out, but feel it's earned.
- She doesn't want a traditional love triangle, she wants something more complicated, they're all adults and like each other, which makes it a bit less of a straight line, "I think they're not all straight, speaking of a straight line."
- They didn't quite know where the Widows storyline would go at first and Dani Kind (Mercedes) signed on to play one character and then just had to go with it and play something different than what she thought she would play.
- They had different fates in mind for Jeremy and Rosita, but they fell in love with the actors and loved their chemistry with certain cast members, so they tweaked it.
-They have a 'no jerks' rule with the casting director, Emily would prefer a B+ actor than an A+ actor who's a jerk.

[Dominique Provost-Chalkley & Katherine Barrell]

- They talk a bit of S2 vs. S1, how the cast got tighter and you can see their close bond on screen.
- Kat related to Nicole's disappointment in not being part of Black Badge/the supernatural storyline and Dom talks about playing Gooverly.
- They talk about the pressure of wanting to do a good job representing the LGBT community, but the main thing for them to do is tell the story truthfully.

- The second half of the season the stakes are higher, having a baby makes things more dangerous.
- Dom is proud of Waverly for finally telling Wynonna she might not be an Earp.
- WayHaught is a new relationship with a lot of obstacles, which they push through and they always come back together.
- Kat loves working with Melanie, she's an amazing actress and she admires her a lot, she loves the Wynonna-Nicole dynamic.
- Dom talks about what aunt Waverly would potentially be like.

[Melanie Scrofano]

- Melanie talks about filming S2 while being pregnant, they finished shooting 4 days before she gave birth and she also wrote at the time the Wynonna Earp comic with Beau Smith.
- Se talks about possessed Wynonna being tired and wanting someone else to 'adult' and have fun, which was something she and the demon had in common.
- Melanie loved the rat smoothie, because it was so gross, she had a lot of fun with it.

[Tim Rozon & Tamara Duarte]

- Tim talks about how amazing the fans are and explains a particular pose he and Dom keep doing in photos.

- Tim loves how they can just hit the ground running in S2 and bring in new players, new questions, finds it's more fun than S1.
- Tamara has never experienced such loyal fans as the Earpers, they take it to the next level.
- Tamara says Emily has an incredible ability to create multi-layered characters.
- Tim talks about his audition and playing Doc Holliday.
- A lot of the Rosita's stuff is just about to start.
-Last season Doc was obsessed with revenge, he had no reason to stay, his reason for coming back was Wynonna.
- It takes Tim 4 and a half months to grow his mustache, so he needs to know in advance if the show is renewed and he needs to grow it out.

[Shamier Anderson & Varun Saranga]

- Shamier talks about his chance encounter with Stan Lee in the elevator.
- Varun talks about joining an established show in S2, doing his research.
- He and Shamier knew each other before the show.
- Varun didn't even know Melanie was pregnant the first month of filming.
- Shamier was doing a few different projects this season, working out the filming schedule was a bit of a challenge, but everyone was accommodating.
- Varun was talking about filming in freezing weather, not wearing warm enough clothes.
- They jokingly discuss who the father could be and don't seem keen on potentially working with a baby on set.
- Shamier doesn't read critics' reviews to keep a clear headspace for Dolls, while Varun reads it all and would cry if they said something terrible.

[Beau Smith]

- Beau watches the dailies every morning, praises Emily and says everything moves at hyper speed but it all makes sense.
- Says that creatively, having Wynonna pregnant, but still a badass is a brave move and pushes the envelope.
- They've discussed what will happen with the baby just that morning, the possibility of this child will change every character on the show, in some way.
- Beau loves that the show opened up a more female fandom to his material (rather than the testosterone heavy one he's used to dealing with).
- Tim Rozon has a passion for comics like Beau and picked things up real quick, there wasn't a lot of hand holding.
- The stuff Melanie Scrofano sent him in was so hilarious, they both brought something different to the table.
- There's a Wyatt Earp, Wynonna-Doc centric issue Beau and Melanie want to write, while Tim and Beau are going to write 5 issues that will be game changers in the comics and maybe even have an effect on the show.

[Short EW interview]

Everyone is affected by the pregnancy in some way and it raises the stakes. They also discuss a bit WayHaught and Nicole's feelings about not being in Black Badge.

Sneak Peek
Promotional Photos
Twitter pics: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12
Interviews: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9

Here's to a well deserved season 3, now let's work on getting the show a tag next tag suggestion post.

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