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The Flash Roundup, SDCC Edition!: Panel, Trailer, Interviews, Photoshoots, Social Media & More

The Flash Panel - Saturday 5pm, Ballroom 20.

[{Panel Summary and Panel Photos Under the Double Cut!}]
-Grant knew about Savitar pretty early on, can’t keep a secret from the rest of the cast
-Also told Candice Iris would be fine because couldn’t keep that secret either
-More Wellses will probably be introduced as the season goes on
-TomCav started crying when they did the ‘Team Flash’ hands in the middle thing in the future episode (3x19), and everyone (Grant) was mocking him about it
-Possible to see a Wells version that is Johnny Quick
-Joe and Cecile will be getting more serious
-Danielle manages to dodge nearly every question, but does say "it's so much more fun to be bad" but fans of both Caitlin and Killer Frost will both be pleased
-Wally steps up and everyone bands together to find the love and light wherever possible

Season 4 Comic Con Trailer

As posted last night! Head on over and check out ONTD's reaction there as well.

Season 4 Casting - The Thinker, The Mechanic, Breacher

-Neil Sandilands (The 100) cast as season villain 'The Thinker'
-Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion) cast as villain associate of The Thinker, 'The Mechanic'
-Danny Trejo (Machete, iconic in his own right) cast as 'Breacher', G*psy's dad

Group Interviews - FB Live, EW Weekly, ET Tonight, TV Line & More

[{Summary & Highlights: Facebook Live...}]-TomCav ‘hosts’ and asks the submitted questions, has drank way too much coffee
-Grant: preferred playing Savitar last season as it was different makeup and fun, would have been cool with it being a longer arc
-Carlos: Cisco’s relationship with G*psy is going to reach a new level next season
-Keiynan: if they could cross over into any CW show past or present (viewer question), it’d be Dawson’s Creek
-Candice: one quality Iris has that inspires Candice is Iris’ courage despite the difficult situations in her life
-Jesse: favourite metahuman so far is ‘someone we haven’t me yet’ from 4x01, runner up is Savitar
-Tom: we will have more Wellses
-Danielle: likes playing both Caitlin and Killer Frost
-Grant: if he woke up one day with superspeed, he’d still make the show, but at the end of the day he’d go back home to California, then visit his family in Virginia, then back to Vancouver for work
-Tom: will be directing more episodes in season 4
-Jesse: is excited to see how serious Joe and Cecile get
-Candice: unfortunately won’t be at CC Picture News really this season, apologises that Iris is more of the STAR Labs team leader, but ace reporter Iris West won’t really be featured in season 4
-Carlos: his ass feels great in the leather of his Vibe suit
-Danielle: one characteristic she likes about Killer Frost is her determination

[{Summary & Highlights: EW Weekly...}]-Interviewer implies that as the show has a KID Flash... it could still be called The Flash and we just don’t need Barry. Smart.
-Show picks up 6 months later, and Iris is trying to figure out how to move forward without Barry
-Danielle avoids answering anything about Killer Caitlin
-Jesse enjoys having no powers, he likes being a human on the show and playing Joe
-Carlos says there’s a lot of growth for Cisco this season, particularly in his love life with G*psy; he had a lot of chemistry with Jessica Camacho from the beginning
-Grant says that Season 3 was the “least fun season”, and he’d go home and “feel it in his belly”
-Todd Helbing confirms the fun quotient is going back up

[{Summary & Highlights: ET Tonight...}]-Grant says Cisco has been working on something to get Barry out of the speed force
-Jesse is like “we’ve ALL been working”
-TomCav: prevaricates, usual nonsense, but there are enough Wells’ within the multiverse...
-Keiynan explains it’s WHERE’S WALLY in Australia and the UK so he’s doing casual cosplay
-Joe won’t be chilling this season – there’s always some drama on the horizon
-Todd Helbing thinks Caitlin should be single for a while, at long last
-Wedding this year? Everyone avoids answering
-Iris: CC Picture News will not really be featured this year, but this year she has stepped up as the team leader, and “we’ll see a lot of that this season”
-Do they get paid? Danielle thinks Barry pays them from Eobard!Wells’ money
-Keiynan thinks Wally skims a little off the top like diamonds on heists to pay his way
-Carlos wants to see Cisco dance more this season and loosen up
-Todd Helbing says last year got very dark, but they’re making a conscious effort to make this season funnier and lighter – last season is as dark as they ever want to go

[{Summary & Highlights: TV Line...}]-Iris has stepped up to be team leader, still Cisco and Kid Flash and ‘a bunch of people’ (cue significant look at Danielle) who have stepped in to help.
-Keiynan says everyone coping in their own way, Wally is doing what he can, and it’s a “community of these people fighting crime”
-Candice says she’s always fighting for the women on the show and Iris in particular to have agency, so it’s nice to see her have a big role in S4, there is “meat on the bone” for her to play with
-TomCav talks nonsense as per usual to avoid saying anything
-Grant thinks Barry is a little scrambled probably, “I don’t think he’ll be the same Barry necessarily when he comes out”
-Danielle says they want to bring levity back

Interviews - Individual in the Press Room

[{Double Cut to Save Lives!}]

Flash Cast Attend Their Signing Booth...

Offical SDCC Flash Cast Photoshoots & More

[{Image Heavy Cuteness & A Lot of Dancing Under the Double Cut!}]

candicekp Typical Flash Cast shenanigans 🙃 #SDCC

SDCC 2017 Edition: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'

Includes getting to SDCC, Keiynan's first private jet flight (and Zoe's), hanging out backstage, general shenanigans, TomCav has cut off his precious floofy hair and my life is RUINED, and bonus appearance by Candice's bff and Legend of Tomorrow Caity Lotz.

Also an all-day long game of ~*Where's Waldo Wally*~. to see the wizard...

caitylotz Me and my boyz

candicekp Legends. #SanDiegoComicCon!

candicekp Where's Wally? #SDCC

candicekp Survived our 4th San Diego comic con!

cavanaghtom #SDCC

grantgust We on a boat. #WBSDCC

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Happy SDCC, ONTD FlashFam!
Warning for Image/Media Heavy Content! But at popular request, lots of double cuts to save your bandwidth and lives. Hope you're having a great summer!

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