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Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow at SDCC

Image/Media Heavy!

(I know the trailer was just posted, please don't reject my post lol)

-doubling down on the gritty realism of season 5
-we'll see a different oliver queen, will tell very different stories with him this year
-oliver is not the best dad
-black siren is a powerful villain
-juliana got emotional the first time she tried on her black canary outfit
-season 6 will feature a group of villains rather than 1 big bad
-anatoli will be back with a "literal vengeance"
-michael emerson will be in the group of villains
-richard dragon will be among the villains as well (casting announcement to follow)
-vigilante is someone we know
-keep trying to get colin back on the show, but he's too busy with chicago med

-we'll see more quentin/black siren
-alena from helix will be back
-character specific flashbacks
-slade wilson back for a two-part episode where his backstory will be explored & present day after everything he's been through
-stephen gives an arrow necklace he was gifted to a young fan fighting cancer with the promise that she will return it when she comes back next year

-we'll find out who survived quickly but repercussions of explosion drive all of season 6
-emotional and physical injuries
-david ramsey says that diggle sustains a great deal of "damage" and will be "profoundly affected"
-season premiere picks up 5 months later
-the team questions the personal decisions oliver makes that affect them all
-mericle calls olicity a core component of the show "if felicity makes it off the island (lol) there's no way we can't address the relationship"
-oliver's fatherhood role will be a defining aspect of season 6

-"If she's alive, I hope that they reconcile the involvement of William and then get married."

-some people will deal more with consequences of the island explosion than others
-cast fangirls about michael emerson casting
-michael proposes a double wedding for olicity/westallen during the crossover (LMAO)
-crossover will be a well-known dc comics story

-recurring role
-imo, he'll be cayden james, the mysterious leader of helix felicity helped free from argus last season

-wendy says black siren is a full on villain

I can't find the Legends of Tomorrow panel anywhere...so enjoy these tweets from it:

-legends will ask themselves how they fit into the world when a better team (rip's new time bureau) comes along
-we'll be meeting a new version of damien darhk (he's coming for blood)
-zari is of the mindset that instead of "fixing" history they should "improve" it
-jax & stein will have "freaky friday" type episode where they switch bodies
-ray's brother sydney will appear
-amy pemberton will be back as the anthropomorphic version of gideon
-captain cold not back through time travel
-sara's bisexuality to be established further in s3
-discussing constantine being brought on
-they will be doing an 80s ep and visiting ray's childhood & meet his mom

-Wentworth Miller and Arthur Darvill will be recurring guest stars
-Neal McDonough returns as a series regular (wtf?)

-caity thinks sara did great as captain
-everyone is at odds with rip
-rip has a group of skilled (she doesn't say what - but i'm guessing time-people/police) that come after the legends
-season long arc to fix everything they broke in time, not just a "mission of the week" fixes
-kind of a role reversal between jax & stein this year
-tala just met the cast at SDCC
-zari is a hacktivist from the future
-zari will be paired with ray
-zari challenges the team's idea about what they are doing and if they've really helped in the long-run/future
-victor wants stein to meet eleanor roosevelt
-brandon would like to see ben franklin
-maisie & caity would like to have cleopatra

-zari is from 2030
-legends have to prove themselves to the new time bureau
-pt barnum will try to take advantage of the legends
-franz wants to visit the show to visit the future more
-tala would like to live in the world of jane austen

Rick Gonzalez & Maisie Richardson-Sellers Take Over Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow's Instagram Pages

cw_arrow The triangle offense.

maisiersellers Meet the new Legend @talaashe!

[The Rest...]
cw_arrow And so it begins...#SDCC2017 #Arrow

cw_arrow Pow!! #sdcc2017 #Arrow #WildDog

cw_arrow Don't blink or you'll miss something epic in every episode! Hi Emily!!

cw_arrow Gotta see the love instead of hear it. #Arrow #sdcc2017 Fam.

cw_arrow Canary love.

cw_arrow Wild Canaries.

cw_arrow Marc freaking Guggenheim! Love ya Marc!

echokells #SDCC squad. Let's get it.

beautifulballad Emily, Stephen and Aly took part in Night 2 of Syfy Live from Comic Con!

cadlymack Mine mine mine. ❤️

julianaharkavy Oh what a night. 💫 #SDCC17

emilybett This is illegal

julianaharkavy Fam-bam. 💚 #SDCC17

cw_arrow Oh Captain!

cw_arrow We're just too dope. Simple.

cw_arrow Rene went to Gotham, saw Lucifer and hung out with Kevin Smith. So far a fun day. #Arrow #Gotham #Lucifer #sdcc2017

cw_arrow The offices of Queen, Holt & Ramirez.

cw_arrow In a quick Flash...you meet cool people. @candicekp #JesseLMartin #Arrow #Flash #sdcc2017

cw_arrow Wild Flash Vibes.

echokells Dem boyz are back at it.

james2bambamford @emilybett I can't explain how much this person means to me except that if I had a sister....she'd be it.....along with all my other sisters.

Ok #Arrow fans... ready for some behind the scenes of our #EWComicCon photo shoot?? pic.twitter.com/n3G94hGC6V

— Brittany Kaplan (@BrittanyLKaplan) July 22, 2017

cw_arrow Good times. #Arrow #Supergirl #BlackLightning #Timeless

caitylotz Me and my boyz #SDCC

cw_legendsoftomorrow Taking you on our Comiccon journey with us today! 🚀#sopumped #cwccsd

officialfranzd Jet life squuuuaaaddd

talaashe these dreamboats ✨✨✨

talaashe 💙💖💜

caitylotz Pattern Queens #sdcc

caitylotz Talk talk talk

caitylotz I'm in love with Doug the Pug. He's still feeling it out.

caitylotz Sister sister

nickzano First photo shoot of the day off to a smashing success #sdcc

nickzano Con-ing so hard #sdcc

brandonjrouth Hard to break old habits...😉 #SDCC #Legends 📷 by @caitylotz

cw_legendsoftomorrow Cape anyone...?

cw_legendsoftomorrow introducing our new Legend @talaashe!

cw_legendsoftomorrow Don't rock the boat

cw_legendsoftomorrow And that's a wrap SDCC you've been incredible! we will be back causing mischief on your screens October 10th 💋@maisiersellers

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