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Twin Peaks at SDCC

-Damen Lindelof moderated and said that without Twin Peaks, he wouldn't have been able to create the shows he has
-They just generally talked about what it's like working with Lynch (which was all positivity and lots of love) since most of them don't get to see the script beyond the scenes their character is in. Talked about trying to keep a lid on spoilers
-Matthew Lillard has never seen the original series and also busted out his Shaggy voice
-Tim Roth hasn't watched the currently airing season
-While David Lynch wasn't actually at SDCC, he filmed a little intro video which was very Lynch. What started as a standard greeting went in an unexpected direction (holding up OJ Simpson's golf ball?? and off-screen yelling at someone for bringing a horse that stepped on a cat and someone has a gun, and the video cuts to static)


Starting August 6 (which is Part 13), Twin Peaks will be moving up an hour to 8pm on Sundays

they also screened the next episode at the convention
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