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Young Justice @ SDCC Roundup

-Season 3 will consist of 26 episodes in total. But beyond Season 3, the producers said they already have ideas for a Season 4 and even a Season 5.

-They've recorded majority of the season

-Show will be more adult since it isn't on a kids channel

-Wonder Girl was supposed to be an OG member of the YJ in Season 1 but they were blocked from using her due to legal restrictions with the character (similar thing that kept Wonder Woman from appearing in anything DCAU until JL and almost YJ). They had planned on using both Cassie and Donna.

-They thought about Barry being the one to sacrifice himself to the speedforce but didn't want to dedicate the necessary time to the character so chose Wally as he had more of an emotional impact on the characters & audience

-Jason Todd was not part of the team when he died

YJ Outsiders will consist of: Static, Kid Flash, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal and Beast Boy

Spoiler was previously seen in Season 2 while Greg Weisman explained Arrowette is “that little girl who watched Green Arrow and Artemis save her father’s life, and this is the natural evolution.”

-No word on the whereabouts of M'Gann

-Wiseman stated that since the show is about growth “One thing we’ve done well in the show is the sense of the passage of time. Some characters grow up, some join the team, some leave, some join the Justice League…”

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