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ONTD Original: Women in music they used to play at Hollister™ that you probably forgot existed

Remember the early 2000's when you wore puka shells and didn't know about the Texas-sized garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean? Ah, the golden days. Here's a list of powerful pop/punk/rock ladies that will remind you of what it was like to not have bills!

Lillix (2003)

These pop/rockers from Canada formed under the original name "Tigerlily" in 1997. The band was signed in 2001 and changed their name to "Lillix" due to another band being named Tigerlilly. Their debut album "Falling Uphill" was released in 2003 and had their "What I Like About You" cover featured on the "Freaky Friday" soundtrack. The two Evin sisters are the only Lillix band members left after their original label, Maverick Records, went under in 2006.

Best Songs
- It's About Time
- Tomorrow
- What I Like About You

Best Music Video

Skye Sweetnam (2004)

One of the first "Avril" copies, this fellow Canadian achieved mainstream success in 2003 with her shakespearean single Billy S. Her debut album "Noise from the basement" was released over a year later in 2004 with her biggest hit "Tangled Up In Me". Now known by the stage name "Sever" she is currently the lead singer of the alt-metal band "Sumo Cyco".

Best Songs
- Billy S
- Tangled Up In Me
- Number One

Best Music Video

Krystal Harris (2001)

An oldie but a goodie, Krystal Harris got her first big break touring as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys on their "Black & Blue" tour. She received further popularity and acclaim with her hit song "Supergirl!" that was featured on "The Princess Diaries" soundtrack. That's about all the magic we got out of Ms. Harris but her "girl power" impact made a lasting impression on young tweens everywhere!

Best Songs
- Supergirl!
- My Religion
- The Kid In You

Best Music Video

The Donnas (2002)

An American rock band from Cali, The Donnas drew inspiration from the Ramones, The Runaways, AC/DC, and Kiss. After garnering a strong indie following in the late 90's, the band finally achieved mainstream success after signing with Atlantic Records in 2002 with their hit album "Spend The Night". If you didn't see the "Take It Off" music video every morning on VH1 while getting ready for school you probably didn't graduate tbh.

Best Songs
- Take It Off
- Who Invited You
- Too Bad About Your Girl

Best Music Video

Fefe Dobson (2003)

Canada's Fefe Dobson had multiple bops but never received the recognition she deserved. Dobson's self titled debut album featured hit songs "Take Me Away", "Everything", and the woke single "Don't Go (Girls & Boys)". Dobson was back in the studio three years later working on her second album "Sunday Love" but was fired from Island Records just days before the album was supposed to hit shelves. The album remained unreleased for six years until its digital release in 2012. Fefe has since released her official sophomore album "Joy" in 2010, became engaged to rapper Yelawolf in 2013, and is currently recording her fourth studio album "Firebird".

Best Songs
- Take Me Away
- Everything
- Don't Go (Boys & Girls)
- This Is My Life
- Don't Let It Go To Your Head
- Ghost
- Can't Breathe
- Watch Me Move
- Stuttering
- I Want You

Best Music Video

Are there any forgotten early 2000's artists that you're still singing along to after all these years, ONTD? Charge up your old iPod 20GB with the orange light-up buttons and relive the memories imo!

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