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Shadowhunters - SDCC Roundup!

therealsarahhyland Sorry I tricked you all in to thinking I wasn't the Seelie Queen. In my defense I never lied... I was just getting in to character ;) 👑 #shadowhunters

{What Does The Future Hold For Each Character - In One Word}

{Season Finale Spoiler/Plot Hint for Book Fans}

{A Few Highlights from Interviews and Panels - Behind The Spoiler Cut}

[Spoiler (click to open)]

isaiahmustafa Parabatri #what

{Parabatri Harry, Matt and Isaiah Talk MALEC!}

"There is no way ever that you can ever see Malec go down hill. It's not gonna happen.
Everything that happens is driving towards a singular end, and that end is their unending happiness."

{Matthew Daddario}

"They need to go through these things to be happy [...] Magnus and Alec, they are something so special, but the road to there is going to be rocky, and you need that to happen to get to that place."
{Harry Shum Jr}

"I need them to happen fast - Malec is like Luke's friends that can hook him up with other people."
{Isaiah Mustafa}

{Cute Cast Is Cute}

{The Cast (Mostly) Looking Beautiful at Official Photoshoots & SDCC Portraits}

To Summarise: What We Know Following SDCC - SPOILERS!
-Sarah Hyland (Modern Family, also dating Dom Sherwood) cast as the Seelie Queen
-Alisha Wainwright upgraded to series regular for S3
-Jordan will show up in S3
-Tessa will be on the show eventually
-Lilith will be showing up
-Luke to get a love interest? (Mama Lightwood?)
-Malec getting deliberately tense and rocky, but the end game is it bringing them closer together
-Sizzy IS happening - slow burn
-Season 3A will follow A City of Fallen Angels
-Season 2B Finale will have a character death - book spoilers may be in comments (please place behind a cut!!)

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Happy SDCC Holiday Weekend, ONTD ShadowFam! 💖
Warning: Image Heavy & Spoiler Heavy. Please place any book spoilers behind a cut.

 photo ontd shadowhunters sdcc_zpsv3mn1rn2.gif
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