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MASI OKA Says He Produced DEATH NOTE To Protect The Series

Masi Oka (Heroes ,producer of Netflix Death note ) said
Oka maintains that Death Note is a remake, “a creative adaptation, set in America, with American characters.” Unlike Ghost in the Shell, Oka says Death Note features characters that are “culture-specific” and not “race-specific,” “We don’t want to take advantage of Death Note fans," Oka explained. “We want the fans to know this is going to be a different film, [but] it’s going to have a lot of [original] core principles.
“This is still a genre film with a very passionate fanbase — and I’m one of them. I am a geek. I am an otaku. I grew up on this, so I got into producing so I could protect that.”

On Casting non Japanese(asian) actor for lead roles

Oka said they were auditioning Asian-Americans for the film, but Oka was responsible for finding talent specifically from Japan.
“I made it a mission myself to go to Japan and audition a lot of Asian actors — specifically Japanese actors and some Korean and Chinese actors,” Oka said. “And I’m not saying Asians can’t play Asian-Americans, or Asian-Americans can’t play Asians. It’s not about that. It’s just that I specifically wanted to open it up to make it a global property.”
One of the roles Oka sought to fill was L, But after auditioning a slew of people from Japan, his colleagues decided fluency in English was “an essential, key part of this brilliant detective.” “If you can’t understand what [he’s] saying, I think you lose a little bit of the strength of the character,” Oka explained, which is why they opted for an American, Lakeith Stanfield. (Representatives for Wingard and Netflix did not immediately reply to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.)

Oka conceded that they could “absolutely” have cast more Asian-Americans in the principal roles, he also argued that “just because you’re Asian-American doesn’t mean you should get the role. You have to be good, you have to be talented, and you have to fit the vision of the director.” he said.

In this case, director “He just loved Nat, and he loved Lakeith, and he loved Margaret,” Oka explained. “That's a personal choice. That's an artistic choice. Everyone had a chance, and it might be a cliché, but the best actor won the part.”
Oka acknowledged that it is harder for Asians and Asian-Americans hoping to break out in Hollywood.
“I’m Asian. I know how hard it is. I want to give back to the community,” he said. “There are things I can do and can’t do. [But] as long as film is a collaborative process, I’ll fight. I’m always going to fight on behalf of my brothers and sisters.”

Oka still seemed upset by his critics’ remarks.
“I meant specifically Asians, actors from Asia who don’t speak English as their first language,” he told BuzzFeed News in July at a pizzeria in Hollywood. “I made the assumption that people would understand I was going outside of the United States to make it more of a global franchise.” “Ironically, I always tell younger actors, ‘Don’t read the internet, because the good stuff goes to your head and the bad stuff goes to your heart,’ [but] I never follow my own advice,” he said.“I was hurt because my intention was to help. I’m always trying to advocate for us.” (There are asian in asia actor who speak perfect English because they went to american school or international school or spend their childhood in English speaking country . etc But OK . I think It's much much easier than finding white actor who speak perfect Japanese ..)

Oka said Senseis(he meant creaters of deathnote Ohba , Obata )liked the movie , and it just really brought tears to my eyes when the senseis were really happy with the film," he said. "It just made me realize everything I did for the film, it paid off. The senseis’ smiles mean the most to me.”

To Masi Oka Some suggestions for you Japanese or Japanese american actor who could played (also speak Perfect English) LightYagami : Mackenyu (sonny chiba's son)  Jason remar (james remar's son) (click the name so you can see their faces)

FYI, Masi Oka is currently producing Mega Man(In Japan Rock man) movie adaptation .

This Netflix Deathnote movie including four Asian producer Dan Lin (LEGO movie ,Aladdin),
Roy lee (who love to remake everything from Asia,who produced remake of The Grudge : white Americans are Majority in Japan ) Masi Oka , Miri Yoon (Behaving Badly) This movie was Filmed in Vancouver where There are so many asians . They are will have early screening at SDCC with director and casts Q&A

ONTD Are you feeling protected ?
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