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The Flash Pre-SDCC Roundup - New S4 Details, Filming, Awards, Cast on Social Media & More

Candice Patton Wins Saturn Award 'Best Supporting Actress - TV'

Facing off against stiff competition from Kathy Bates (American Horror Story: Roanoke), Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead), Melissa McBride (The Walking Dead), Thandie Newton (Westworld), Adina Porter (American Horror Story: Roanoke), and Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld), Candice took home this year's Saturn Award for 'Best Supporting Actress on Television'.

Whilst at the Saturn Awards, Candice teased that at the beginning of Season 4 we see a hardened Iris who has taken on the mantle of the Leader of Team Flash following the events of the Season 3 finale (6 months prior, in the show's timeline).

Tom Cavanagh on Directing 'Tom & Grant', Collaboration and Crowdfunding...

Lengthy interesting article and interview with everyone's fave TomCav with plenty of pictures from filming of his short film 'Tom & Grant', an R-rated buddy heist comedy caper with Grant Gustin.

~Highlights for the TLDR Crowd~

-Tom & Grant is an R-rated heist movie with 'the two most inept bank robbers on the planet' – their dialogue is a back and forth bickering banter in the style of Withnail and I: "One of the things that I am drawn to is a dumb person completely confident that they are a smart person. I love that conceit where someone is completely assured of their thing, and they could not be more wrong. I find that immensely appealing."

-Called in favours from crew from The Flash, and filmed the project within a week, two days after wrapping The Flash Season 3 – but most turned up out of "pure love for film and the joy of working together" and many worked for free.

-Crowdfunded the project to the tune of $96,301 CAD – Tom is in two minds about crowdfunding, as he doesn’t want to be the person to overstay their welcome or take advantage of the goodwill of fans, so he thinks any project crowdfunded needs to be something clear, "something you don’t abuse".
-As for advice for anyone looking to crowdfund a media product: "You always need to remember that what you're talking about is entertainment, and so when you request people to reach into the pockets, you want to entertain them. The bottom line is always that. This is not climate change and climate-deniers and all this kind of stuff. This is entertainment."

-As an actor who also directs, Tom believes in collaboration and keeping an open mind as to an actor’s capability and capacity, and is against pigeonholing actors into categories of their previous body of work:
"One of the lessons I've learned in the entertainment world is you cannot assume that you know what an actor can do, because they're actors and they can surprise you. [...] I think it helps to know the abilities of the actor, but also to be aware that you don't know that actor. As an actor who also directs, my feeling has always been, I want to treat them as I would like to be treated. [...] You set up a safe working zone and then you can talk to them as opposed to tell them what to do [...] For me, you want to make it a collaboration."

Three New Characters Announced for Season 4

As was already known, 'The Thinker' aka Clifford DeVoe will be the next super smart antagonist facing off against Team Flash, and the show's first NON-SPEEDSTER big bad.
Joining The Thinker will be 'The Mechanic', Devoe's right hand woman and engineering genius.
However, Season 4 will also be introducing... 'Elongated Man'! Aka Ralph Dibney. Set to be more 'comic relief'.
These are not currently confirmed by WB or the CW, but casting descriptions were leaked in various online news sources (in sources).

CLIFFORD DEVOE/THE THINKER – Male, 40-50, Open Ethnicity.
After being caught in the particle accelerator explosion, former District Attorney Clifford DeVoe became an extremely intelligent meta-human with a mega-mind. A super genius who plans to fix all he sees wrong with humanity, which is a lot, embarking on a season long battle with The Flash that pins the fastest man alive against the fastest mind alive.
Regular for Season 4.

THE MECHANIC – Female, 30-40, Open Ethnicity.
An extremely intelligent engineer who will design and assemble devices for Clifford DeVoe. Basically, DeVoe’s right hand, she is the truest of true believers who will stop at nothing to implement his plan to 'fix' humanity. She’ll support DeVoe no matter the consequences.
Major recurring guest.

RALPH DIBNY/ELONGATED MAN - Male, Mid to late 30s, Open Ethnicity.
A Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt type, a joker. Detective Ralph Dibny is able to drastically change the size and shape of his body, but is having a difficult time changing his ways. Will most likely be comedic relief for the season.
Major recurring guest star, with a series regular option for Season 5.

 photo ontdflash s4characters_zps8v9j305w.png

Peek-a-Boo Returns in Season 4 Premiere

Last seen in Season 1, Shawna Baez aka thieving villain 'Peek-a-Boo' makes her return after being freed from the Pipeline by Captain Cold and Golden Glider (Wentworth Miller and Peyton List).
Plot details surrounding her return are as yet unknown, but in the absence of Barry after the Season 3 Finale she'll be facing off against Wally West.

Jessica Camacho Returns in Recurring Role

It has also been confirmed by Exec Producer Andrew Kreisberg than Jessica Camacho will return as recurring in Season 4 as 'Gypsy' aka Cynthia Reynolds, Cisco's interdimensional collector/bounty hunter love interest from Earth-19.

Exec Producer Aaron Helbing Leaves Season 4

Aaron Helbing, better known as one half of 'The Helbing Brothers' who have Executive Produced The Flash since Season 1 and were the main BTS public faces of the show and Showrunners for Season 2 and 3, has stepped down for Season 4.
Before The Flash, Aaron Helbing was previously known as a script coordinator for Smallville, and for his work on Black Sails and Spartacus.

Details are not (to my knowledge) currently known as to why, but his brother Todd Helbing continues on as Showrunner.

Season 4 Premiere Filming - Everyone Basically Looking Great

Set photos have leaked from the filming of Season 4 Premiere, titled 4x01 'The Flash Reborn', featuring everyone looking fantastic, and Kid Flash now Central City's ONLY Flash, Cisco suited up as Vibe, Joe West looking suave af with a really big gun, and a Samurai.

It has been confirmed that 4x01 will pick up 6 months after the Season 3 finale, and focus around NEW TEAM LEADER Iris and Cisco, better known as The Two Most Important Characters on the show.

This Summer Hiatus & First Week Back: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...

Over Summer Hiatus, the cast hung out at Escape Rooms, Candice won awards and walked red carpets and looked glam everywhere as well as getting her puppy Zoë, Tom Felton was surgically attached to his guitar, Danielle got married, and Keiynan Lonsdale came out as bisexual and did lots of fun things and also invented the rainbow and colours and fun and cuteness.

And now the first week back is done, Grant just arrived back on set, and Candice's new precious puppy Zoë Patton is the Queen of Set. Long Live The Queen.

~On Set: Season 4 Begins~
candicekp Simbaaaaaa 🐶

candicekp The Kid was looking for a sidekick.

candicekp Zoë. Golden Girl survived her first week on set! Made lots of new friends and untied lots of shoes!

keiynanlonsdale Look at my big dorky ears I love em 😂

keiynanlonsdale That's a wrap on week 1 🤙🏾 I'd say it was the chillest we've had in a while⚡️(pic @kategray_)

grantgust BA is back. #FlashSeason4

~Summer Hiatus 2017~
candicekp Zoë. 🐶

candicekp Thank you Saturn Awards for the recognition last night. Honored! ❤🤗 🏆#bestsupportingactress #TheFlash @thesaturnawards

candicekp Final touches 💄

candicekp Wonder Women

candicekp Celebrating #NosesOn to help end child poverty both here in the U.S. and abroad! Join me in supporting #RedNoseDay. for more info. ❤xo

candicekp summer solstice got me like 💦

candicekp i've got a song for you sailor.. 🍋🌊⚓️ @cbswatchmag

candicekp Shook after Zodiac Killer Escape room! We made it out though! 🔪

violettbeane Scientists > Zombies (this time) 🔬#EscapeRoom

violettbeane Happiest of birthdays to this major babe!! 💋💋

violettbeane Milo and I are #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting 🐰 Lets take a stand to finally end animal testing everywhere! Put your bunny ears up!

dpanabaker What do you think @caitylotz - is purple my color?!

dpanabaker 6.24.17 Happiest day of my life

t22felton My sweet George

t22felton Miss being Indy to

keiynanlonsdale Escaped a bear so now we dance

keiynanlonsdale Was feeling some anxiety today being in the city... I'm very glad tho cause it made me get out, put on my rainbow shirt, jam out to nature, & just reconnect. Sometimes being anxious can result in something pretty beautiful.


keiynanlonsdale🌸✨👁 | By @viridianlens

keiynanlonsdale Shooting my first scene for Season 4!! Bout to make all these villains out here my bitch 🤙🏾🍦

keiynanlonsdale Morning reminder: do what u want 🍊

keiynanlonsdale Shot a music video yesterday, pretty stoked ☺️

keiynanlonsdale May 26, 2017 - The day my world changed forever, and at this point in the morning I had no idea. Ha ✨ (📸: @itsjordanjr)

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How has your Summer Hiatus been, ONTD FlashFam?
See you this weekend in the Annual Flash SDCC Roundup!⚡️

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