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Esai Morales Scuffles With Security At Tense SAG Meeting

Esai Morales, who is running for president of the Screen Actors Guild, got into a scuffle with a security guard when the guard tried to snatch the microphone from his hand during the meeting held in Burbank over new proposed tv/film contracts. The biggest change in which Morales and other members are against is the cutting of "portal to portal" pay, which has existed for forty years and ensures on-location actors are paid from the moment they are picked up at their hotel (for example) to the moment they're dropped off at the end of the day. This will mostly affect background actors on networks like the CW.

Others who were there say in the comments Morales was cut off from speaking by current president 90210's Gabrielle Carteris, who is seeking re-election. Others claim Morales was "scary" and loud (sure, Jan).

The confrontation started when another presidential candidate Peter Antioco was up to speak. Carteris, who gave members opposed to the contract change only one minute to speak, cut Antioco off and Morales urged him to continue because it was his right.

Antioco said of the confrontation: "A security guard grabbed him and tried to rip the mike out of his hands, I told the security guy to back off, to be calm and ethical. I said, ‘Take your hands off this man. This is unethical. Take your hands off him."

Morales, Antioco and other members are questioning the ethics of Carteris proposing a contract change during the election. They are calling the changes a path to dictatorship where nonmembers are helping to decide contracts while opposing members are silenced.

Morales, a board member for seventeen years, said "It became a tug of war, and I’m not to be pushed around. I wasn’t there to throw blows; I was there to speak my mind. I am...disturbed and tired of what appeared to be tactics to limit our speech. I was the only candidate there that didn’t get to speak. I am not going to vilify the staff and Gabrielle,..I also find it disingenuous of them to talk about unity when they don’t share power or reach across the aisle. They are into consolidating their own power and their spin.”

Video of the meeting is at the source.

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