R Kelly Accused of Holding Women Against their Will in a Cult

R Kelly, who has a long history of sexually predatory behavior, has been holding young women against their will according to some parents.

The accusations claim that he controls every aspect of their life (how to dress,
what and when to eat, how to perform sexually, and filming sexual activities), is being physically and verbally abusive and has them living in guest rooms on his property.

One of the alleged girls is said to be his 19 year old girlfrind that he was pictured with last year (link to the original ONTD post)

Parents of one teen have been working with police and FBI, but say it's difficult because their daughter is not technically a missing person. Welfare checks by police has also been in vain as the victims are all of legal age and claim to be fine.

The article also speaks to people who were under Kelly's control and have since broken free and they confirm that there is a group of young women that he is controlling.


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this article put the wrath of god into me. i hope those girls/women make it home to their families.