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ONTD Original: Album Cuts That Could've & Should've Been Hits

Album Cuts That Could've & Should've Been Hits

the gworls know that moment when ur listening to ya favorite pop girls album and something euphoric seeps through your skull candy headphones & u just know it'll be the song of the generation only for the good sis to pay it dust here are the pop album cuts that shouldve and couldve been the hits!

Ariana Grande - "Be Alright"

ngl i thought "be alright" was gonna snatch "born this way's" undeserved payola wig as the lgbtqia anthem of our generation, miss ariana even got some ashy 10s when she vogued & slightly slayedT the gworls on SNL & then much like the rest of moonlight dangerous womyn, she paid it dust

Ciara - "Overdose"

first of all, ciara doesn't really have to do or release shit bc the good binch is #rich, BUT, she took time from being wealthy to serve the gays a bop w "overdose" i dont think the song wouldve went to number 1, maybe a cute 24? but i mean if you want pop music, this is what pop music the first half of this decade is all about

Lady Gaga - "Heavy Metal Lover", "Dance in the Dark, "Scheisse"

now, yes before yall start talking about a binch on ontdanon, i know heavy menTal lover (for the sisses that used to download music on beemp3) & scheisse wouldve been hard sells at radio, but back then, if anyone could push new shit on radio it was reba gagentire, DIDT wouldve been a quick lil singleso i can see why that was whatever but scheisses chorus is literally what gay pop dreams are made of

Katy Perry - "Peacock"

ok, teenage dream is a pop music hallmark & honestly pop musics version of stonewall, we broke through! #sisepuede, katy got us all the way together, like the binch was not playing (i guess now she is, even tho #justice4witness), anyway i get why they didnt release this quick lil single, it wouldve like set the bar way too high for ha next album "pretzel", which the album did anyway, but! the song wouldve like literally went to #1 no fucking question tbh

Beyonce - "End of Time"

i will never, ever understand why truancyonce didnt push "end of time", the wasp hive couldve had a legit argument about hits w ha if she pushed this song, its legit one of the best pop songs ever, any decade & it could've established her as an international chart-act (which she is not) & gave her a stadium hit like "waka flaka", "cup of life" & britneys "right now"

Carly - "Run Away With Me"

when u have a backlog of hits like hitmaker jepsen u really dont need another #1 and honestly she was after that pop critics darling crown, which was bestowed upon the good sis, run away w me couldve been the good sisses foray into that commercial money, i could see payless doing a spring commercial featuring carly rae jacksons hit song in the background as some racially ambigious sis cheeses because she got some patent leather kitten heels half off! carly collect ya coins good binch!

Faith Hill - "There You'll Be"

hitmaker hill, the good hero-ess that shagaga twain wishes she was, tried her ashy hand at the ever popular early to mid 2000s soundtrack hit single & the american public paid the good binch dust! like the fucking nerve, miss hill served up country pop hit after hit and she taught the good hillbilly sisses a million new words w her international hit "this kiss", "there youll be" was the hit we needed but didnt deserve & for that faith has deservedly been stingy w the hits since

Britney Spears - "Just Luv Me", "Love Me Down"

britney has a good track record for knowing which singles to release, i mean the binch cant make a bad song if she tried, but #glory, which literally nourished the gays and got crowned as the new theme music of the pop olympics (the last album was "thriller"), but the good sis didnt release the obvious hit "just luv me" and or "love me down" from her magnum opus but we, the gays, dont fault her for it because we know that if we chill, britney will just continue to serve bops & thats all we can ask from the good sis

ontd, which song of your faves couldve been a hit?

text source is me, video sources are - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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