therealcharlie (therealcharlie) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster Play Truth or Dare Giant Jenga

-Sutton said she would work backstage as a door person for Dolls House Part 2 just to see everyone again.
-Hilary prank calls her assistant
-Sutton says the most challenging scene to film was the fight scene with Hilary at Bon Fire
-Hilary says she doesn't have any plans for new music or tour this year, but says "there is always next year"
-Sutton said she would love to play Sweeny Todd in broadway, something unexpected.
-Hilary recreates the iconic Disney mickey mouse ears with the wand
-Hilary and Sutton say this season's sex scenes top last year, and mentions something about yogurt
-Funniest thing Hilary has seen on social media about herself is the awkward Disney Channel intro
-Sutton lists nice things about Hilary in 20 seconds.

Tags: actor / actress, hilary duff, younger (tv land)
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