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Shadowhunters - 2x16 Promo and Sneak Peak "Day of Atonement", Cast on Social Media, Livechat & More

Behind the Scenes of 2x14 'The Fair Folk', with Jade Hassouné

ONTD Fave Matthew Daddario (yes, cute cow and plant loving brother of Alexandra Daddario) did another of his live chats with the fans, and this time discussed butts and being nice.
Next week he promises to talk more about skincare.

-really thinks nobody should trust Sebastian
-praises Harry and Alberto on last night’s ep
-hopes none of the viewers at home are getting involved in illicit underground blood drinking clubs...
-thinks Alec’s snake spotting skills have gone downhill lately as he’s overwhelmed with his position
-will be giving skincare tips next week and how everyone can, "in a variety of ways", improve their skincare

-will be livetweeting every Monday until the end of the season
-has noticed fans getting upset over things on twitter – would like everyone to be nice instead
-thinks Isaiah’s butt is "something off the charts... it’s disgusting how nice that butt is"
-thinks next season they need to get some jeans that show off everyone’s butts, "I want it to be a show mostly about butts"
-has a pretty good butt, but he’s seen people on twitter say maybe his butt isn’t that nice, and wants to know what that’s about
-likes the way Alberto walks – with a swagger
-thinks Isaiah walks like an athlete
-thinks butts are “like the face of your back”
-wants everyone to be nice to everyone online, saw people being mean online, didn’t like it, "it isn’t nice, so be nice."

 photo tumblr_osyfehHvoj1swsvtso7_250_zpspjm1nops.gif

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What colour are your favourite bedsheets, ONTD ShadowFam?
And how about that Sebastian reveal?

 photo mattchest forontd_zpsgigsmw3l.gif

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