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Funko 2017 San Diego Comic Con exclusives

Now that Funko is done announcing their exclusives for this year's SDCC, here's all the stuff that will be gone by the time you get a time slot to shop at their booth (assuming you get chosen in the random draw in the first place!)

I *think* these are in order that they appear in the video, but don't quote me on that.

*Pop! Star Wars: Rogue One - Combat Assault Tank Trooper
*Pop! Star Wars: 6" Supreme Leader Snoke (Glow-in-the-Dark)
*Pop! Star Wars: Rogue One - Bodhi Rook
*Pop! Star Wars: Holographic Princess Leia & R2-D2

*Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Scott with Sword of Destiny (2000pc LE)
*Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Nega Scott
*Pop! Movies: Scott Pilgrim - Roxy Richter (2500pc LE)
*Rock Candy: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Ramona Flowers (1250pc LE)
*Dorbz: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Scott Pilgrim 3-pack (500pc LE)

*Pop! Marvel: Gwenpool with Selfie Stick
*Rock Candy: Gwenpool
*Pop! Marvel: Captain America (Bucky Cap)
*Pop! Marvel: Red She-Hulk
*Pop! Marvel: Spider-Man Homecoming – Tony Stark (holding helmet)

*Pop! Television: South Park - The Coon
*Pop! Television: South Park - Mint-Berry Crunch
*Pop! Television: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Baxter Stockman
*Pop! Telvision: Catdog - Flocked Catdog

*Pop! Animation: Ren & Stimpy - Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2-pack (2500pc LE)
*Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty - Tinkles with Ghost in a Jar

*Pop! Heroes: Wonder Twins 3-pack – Zan, Jayna & Gleek
*Action Figures: Red Batmobile with Green Batman (1500 LE)
*Pop! Heroes: Interplanetary Batman
*Pop! Heroes: Blue Chrome Batman (Toy Tokyo)
*Pop! Movies: Justice League – Bruce Wayne
*Pop! Movies: Justice League – Aquaman with Motherbox
*Pop! Movies: Suicide Squad – Joker Batman
*Pop! Heroes: Batman The Animated Series – Man Bat
*Pop! Movies: Wonder Woman – Ares
*Dorbz: Classic Nightwing & Deathstroke 2-pack (1500 LE)
*Dorbz: Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman & Ares 2-pack

*Pop! Television: Stranger Things – Steve
*Pop! Television: Stranger Things – Mr. Clarke
*Pop! Television: Mr. Robot – Masked Elliot Alderson
*Pop! Television: The Walking Dead - T-Dog
*Pop! Television: The Tick –The Tick (Glow-in-the-Dark)
*Pop! Television: Doctor Who – Clara
*Pop! Television: Twin Peaks – Black Lodge Cooper & Laura 2-pack

*Pop! Harry Potter: Harry on Broom
*Pop Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood with Glasses
*Pop! Movies: Fantastic Beasts – 6” Occamy

*Pop! Television: The 100 - Lincoln as Reaper (750pc LE)

*Pop! Movies: Lord of the Rings - Aragorn & Arwen 2-pack

*Pop! Ride: Supernatural – Baby with Dean

*Pop! Disney: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – Mr. Toad (1500 LE)
*Pop! Disney: Darkwing Duck – Negatron (Glow-in-the-Dark)
*Pop! Disney: Winnie the Pooh – Bouncing Tigger (Flocked)
*Pop! Disney: Moana – Hei Hei
*Pop! Disney: Chip & Dale 2-pack (Flocked)
*Dorbz Ridez: Aladdin – Aladdin & Abu with Magic Carpet

*Dorbz Ride: MOTU – Panthor w/ Battle Armor Skeletor
*Pop! Games: Elder Scrolls – 6” Dwarven Colossus
*Pop! Power Rangers – 6” Megazord
*Rock Candy: MOTU – She-Ra
*Pop! Games: Sister Location – Jumpscare Funtime Foxy
*Pop! Games: Sister Location – Jumpscare Baby
*Pop! TV: MOTU – Scareglow (GITD)
*Pop! Books: Dr. Seuss – Lorax (flocked)
*Pop! Funko: Sike-O-Shriner

*Pop! Television: Westworld - Robotic Dr. Ford Host
*Pop! Television: Westworld – Musashi
*Pop! Game of Thrones: The Mountain (Armored)
*Dorbz: Game of Thrones - Tormund & Brienne 2-pack

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