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Riverdale Roundup: Set Photos, Possible Casting, and Hanging Out

Cameras have finished episode 1 (with 21 more to go as the show got a full season starting in October) and all sorts of pictures continue to come out as filming resumes

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre and family stopped by the set since they were apparently vacationing in Vancouver, and his daughters are fans

It looks like the second episode will either feature more dream weirdness or the gang is gong to get all dressed up to save Pop's which might get vandalized as a result of Fred getting shot.


Thanks to Madchen Amick tagging her in an instagram story, it's being speculated that Emilija Baranac will play the elusive Midge Klump aka Moose's girlfriend



In other news both Skeet Ulrich and Robin Givens are on set now.

And the Lodges take a family reunion picture


The Town That Dreaded Sundown is about a hooded killer in Texarkana in the 1940s. RAS wrote the screenplay for the remake


The moderator of the panel is already asking for some possible questions from twitter so try your luck to rise above all the damn shipping questions *coughjusticeforChuckcough*

You can also vote to have Riverdale be on the cover for EW's annual TV Fall Preview edition. That facct that Cole doesn't want you to vote would probably get some ONTD spite votes

This show also somehow managed to win a Saturn Award


The cast hung out on Canada day at Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos' house as part of a birthday party for Camila.

Patrick Warburton was also randomly there because he's still friends with Luke Perry

Martin Cummins (Sheriff Keller) took Casey Cott along with his actual son to a baseball game

CW alumns apparently like hanging out as Madelaine Petsch and Adelaide Kane were spotted bicycling together

And Jeremy Jordan, Carlos Valdes, and Casey Cott did an escape room together. Another fun fact is that Casey's older brother, Corey Cott, was Jeremy Jordan's replacement on the Newsies

The housewives of Riverdale having vegan dessert together

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