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ONTD Original: 5 Responsible Celebrity Pet Owners

In a follow up to my previous post, 5 Irresponsible Celebrity Pet Owners, here's a look at some celebrities who aren't useless and can actually take proper care of their pets!

1. Taylor Swift
ONTD favourite, Taylor Sssswift🐍 , is a known cat lover. She has two cats, Meredith Grey (which she got back in 2011) and Olivia Benson (which she got in 2014), that have practically become celebrities in their own right. Two years ago, Taylor was on the Ellen DeGeneres show where she talked about the addition of Olivia Benson to her life:

Taylor's instagram is also filled with photos and videos of her two beloved pets. They clearly live in the lap of luxury and frequently accompany the singer while she's on tour. While her cats appear to be healthy and well taken care of, there have been calls from experts to stop breeding Scottish Fold cats as they are prone to very painful health issues. Taylor has kept mum about the issues surrounding the breed and whether or not her cats have any issues themselves. Regardless, Taylor has had her two cats for years without any major issues or criticisms and frequently keeps her fans updated on their whereabouts, which is nice to see since so many celebrity pets seem to just disappear (Bit Bit, where are you!?).

2. Ricky Gervais
Comedian and actor, Ricky Gervais, is a known animal lover. His twitter feed is filled with criticisms of animal abuse (he is very outspoken against the UK's fox hunt, Spain's bull fighting culture, and big game wildlife hunters) and regularly retweets animal charities around the world (many of which he actively contributes time and money towards). Ricky's partner, writer Jane Fallon, is also an animal lover and the two fill their twitter feeds raising awareness about animal rights.

Ricky and Jane shower this love for animals onto their cat, Ollie, who was gifted to Gervais on television by his good friend Jonathan Ross back in 2003:

Ollie has been with Ricky and Jane ever since and frequently appears on both of their twitter and instagram feeds.

You can also join 37 thousand other people and follow Ollie on twitter @myleftfang

However, Ricky has been the target of some very harsh criticism about his cat from his friends Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant.

3. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is an animal lover and outspoken animal rights advocate. The actress rescued her dog, Finn (who is now 7 years old), from a shelter and has been doing volunteer work to promote adoption ever since. She regularly posts pictures of Finn (along with many other animals) to her instagram page and frequently links to information regarding important animal causes.

4. Pusha T
The rapper has two dogs but it's his Maltipoo (named CJ Thornton) that seems to get the most attention. Pusha T made instagram accounts for both of his dogs (which Pusha himself sometimes even comments on). Pusha's dogs might very well be the cutest dogs in all of rap history.

widdlesworld: Happy Father's Day to my Paw - love you @kingpush 💘

The two little dogs seem well loved and taken care of and even get their own birthday parties:

kingpush: It's definitely @widdlesworld everyday...but especially today. Happy 1st Birthday

reupgangcj: Rooftop vibes for my birthday today 💁🏾‍♂️

5. Hilary Swank

hilaryswank: Kai definitely has this whole #NationalSelfieDay perfected, don't you think?

Hilary Swank had 2 dogs - Rumi and Kai, both of which were adopted. Unfortunately, Rumi passed away recently and the actress posted a very heartfelt message to her beloved friend on instagram:

hilaryswank: If you've ever had a four-legged family member, you know they can touch your heart in places that no other can. The sweetness of my dog, Rumi, was truly that of her namesake. She brought everyone she met closer to the infinite love with her unwavering kindness and unconditional spirit. Thank you, Rumi, for teaching me the power of sweetness and the importance of being in the moment. You are and will be missed beyond measure! ❤️

Hilary loves animals so much that she started her own foundation called The Hilaroo Foundation. The website for The Hilaroo Foundation states:

Hilaroo will rescue animals who have been abandoned and rehabilitate them both physically and emotionally. We will also have youth who, whether by choice or circumstance, have been given up on by society and pair them with animals to help in that rehabilitation endeavor. The two souls will set out on a journey, together, to find healing. Then when the animals are ready, we will adopt them into forever homes. Through their time at the foundation, youth will be given responsibility training so they may go out into this world to make it a better place for themselves.

Favourite celebrity pet, ONTD?
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