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Wynonna Earp 2X06 sneak peeks and pics, plus roundup

Synopsis for 2X06, “Whiskey Lullaby”: [Spoiler (click to open)]'The team races against the clock to save Purgatory before the whole town takes a permanent dirt nap.'

Two sneak peeks:

Promotional pics for 2X06:

Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras discussed 2X05 with EW and The TV Junkies.

Highlights from the interview:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Melanie was worried about Emily's reaction to her pregnancy, while Emily as a showrunner went into challenge mode of how to deal with it, she's also a woman who has had children and is in the business and the show prides itself on being incredibly female-friendly. They did the math of when Mel was due and figured out early on they were going to have to write the pregnancy in. Emily happened to have watched 'Fargo' a week before Melanie told her, in it Frances McDormand was really pregnant and her husband wrote the pregnancy in; Emily loved that se was a kickass pregnant cop and that the movie wasn't about her being pregnant and that inspired her. When she told SyFy, they were excited about the idea of a pregnant superhero and supported the idea. During filming episode 5, Melanie was already six months pregnant.

* Emily wanted to be consistent with Wynonna's character and tell a story about an unplanned pregnancy, she finds it an empowering story to talk about choice, what happens if you don't want the baby or don't expect it. Wynonna is the only Earp heir and the only one who can fire Peacemaker and protect the Ghost River Triangle, she has to keep doing her job. She has to figure out how to be pregnant and also do her job. There's a lot of drama around it- who's the father, is he even human, a lot of emotional territory to mine and everyone will have an opinion about it.

* Wynonna doesn't always feel like she has agency over her own body or choices, she's a victim of fate and one of the themes of the show is struggling to find free will even when it feels like many choices are being made for our characters. The only thing we know about the Earp mom is that she left, that she left her children behind in a situation that wasn't ideal, even if we don't know the circumstances behind it. Wynonna has issues with her mom, abandonment and with what it means to be a mother.

* One of Emily's pet peeves on television is when characters act stupid because plot demands they do so. Doc is not stupid, he's the best poker player in the world and most observant character on the show, so he was suspicious early on. Emily's one rule is that characters stay consistent and act in character and since the audience knows she didn't want them to be frustrated at the characters not figuring it out. We'll find out next episode about Black Badge disappearing.

* On one level, finding out there's another group of guardians protecting the Ghost River Triangle is comforting, but these guys are serious and almost killed the Earp sisters. We haven't seen the last of them. We don't know if they're good or bad, their attitude is a bit reflective of Dolls' in S1- sometimes you need to sacrifice one person to save many. About next week: [Spoiler (click to open)] Emotionally we have Wynonna figuring out being pregnant and how she's going to tell the rest of the team, which is a major issue for her. It's the midseason and we're starting to move the pieces on the chessboard. The Ladies in Black are starting to put their own plan in place.


[Spoiler (click to open)]
* On how she found out: Melanie took Emily out for coffee and Emily was telling her the plans for S2, when Melanie got very emotional and said 'something's up', Emily immediately knew. She knew Melanie's due date would be a week after they finish shooting, so they wouldn't be able to go the sitcom route and hide it. Another option would have been to push the show, but it's such an underdog show, it couldn't be off the air for two years, SyFy would never go for it. When they went to New York Comic Con, Emily had a meeting with SyFy and pitched them the idea of a pregnant superhero, saying that the show has done many progressive things and this would be another example and put them on the map. It was a room full of dudes and they could not have been more gracious, they were happy Melanie was ok and trusted Emily to figure it out.

* The cast and crew really rallied around Mel and the situation, in the middle of winter, in the middle of Alberta. It was important that Mel be ok and nothing happens to her doing the stunts or working too hard. At the end of the day, it's just a tv show and Mel is her friend. The first time Emily got pregnant was right when she was due to take over 'Lost Girl' and a director told her 'what are you doing? This is so stupid', which she found to be pretty sexist and unsupportive. There's no perfect time to get pregnant, when Emily got pregnant it was very hard, but she didn't have to be on camera or be as physical as Melanie had to be. Their stunt coordinators were excited to figure out how a pregnant woman would fight, in a way that was interesting, that maybe hasn't been done on television before.

* When Wynonna said to Waverly 'now you know all my secrets', this wasn't the secret she thought Waverly would reveal, but that's something for later. It always comes down to the Earp sisters for Emily, it's the heart of the show. Waverly was the kindest person to let Wynonna know this is happening and will support her through this. Emily feels that sometimes people take for granted how good an actress Melanie is, with all he fn happening with the goo, the dragons, the sexy Doc and the WayHaught. She says all the best scenes of other characters are with Melanie, because she's so in the moment, everyone else just raises their game.

* They killed Lucado because it's the midseason and it's time to start seeing casualties. They needed to show the goo was actually malignant and dangerous, because Gooverly hadn't done anything truly evil. In order to demonstrate the danger and up the stakes, someone needed to die. Emily was happy about her exit because she had an incredible fight scene with Dolls Kate worked so hard at and because in her last moments, Lucado does try to save Dolls and tells him to get out of the way. Lucado was weak, ambitious and selfish and tat kind of weakness in this situation is just going to get you killed.

* Emily loves that they can take any two characters and put them together and get an unexpected chemistry or take on the situation. She tried to do that with every single pairing this year, just sticking different characters together and establishing what their relationship is. She thought the Dolls-Waverly scene this episode was lovely, they like each other and know each other quite well now, so he instinctively knew that what she was telling him was the truth. About 2X06: [Spoiler (click to open)] We still haven't dealt with the broken seal, The Widows and Tucker Gardner. We're starting to get to what they want and what they're willing to do to get it. We left Wynonna finding out that she's pregnant- what does this mean and how is she going to tell everybody?

For those that wanted to see the un-photoshopped Wynonna promotional photo-

[more tweets]Some cute tweets:

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Now that it's been a few days, how do you feel about the game changing twist and what are your predictions about it?

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