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Kendall and Kylie talk about their Klothing Kollection, deny T-Shirt Kontroversy

The Gruesome twosome sat down with WWD to discuss what they've learned after ripping off black business owners and selling Forever 21 polyester at Bergdorf pricing.

-Kylie makes way more than Kendall
-'Bodysuits, knit dresses and sneakers' are their bestsellers
-Kylie says 'I definitely feel more comfortable with who I am and where I am in my life' and Kendall feels she has 'a very polished look' [Citation Needed]
-Kylie finds 'random Instagram accounts of beautiful people' to use as inspiration
-They had really bad media training for this interview;
Kylie; ' taking risks and putting unexpected styles and colors together'
'I am not consistent and love mixing things up'
'Putting unexpected details on an everyday top or dress'

They also say 'statement', 'covetable' and 'our customer' a lot.

Then, K+K released a statement (Pimp Mama Kris gives discounts on billable hours to family) saying there has been "no infringement or violation of anyone's rights" and "the allegations made are completely false and the lawsuit is baseless" because the licensee manufacturer they use used vintage t-shirts (I thought this was the case).

"Canada Inc, the licensee manufacturer of the K + K brand, purchased a very small quantity of vintage t-shirts with performer images already on them. Only two Tupac t shirts were sold before being pulled from distribution.

Canada Inc did not copy anyone's image, remove any copyright notice from any image, or attempt to exploit Mr Miller's claimed right of publicity."

ONTD, do you think the Jenners are stylish? Have you bought a Jenner product?

Source [1] [2]
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