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AMC - PREACHER 2x05 Promo "Dallas" + Sneak Peek & More

[youpak link]

[synopsis]Jesse learns of Tulip's secret relationship; a look into Jesse and Tulip's past; and the darker side of Jesse.

[youpak link]

Tulip has a very one-sided argument with Jesse about hurting Viktor.

Ian shared a lovely photo of Eugene and Starr sharing a moment ♥

Dom attended the Murray/Bublik match at Wimbledon on July 3rd, looking quite dapper!

Graham McTavish, Saint of Daddies Killers himself, celebrated the premiere of Castlevania on Netflix =)

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Another busy evening for me, so will join the discussion later tonight =) Last week's ending has me stoked for tonight's ep! I'm also looking forward to the ongoing saga of Cass's amazing wardrobe this season ♥

Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities, dominic cooper, irish celebrities, preacher (amc), ruth negga, seth rogen, television - amc, television promo / stills
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