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Jenelle Evans possibly pregnant, reveals wedding date

· pregnancy rumors began earlier this month when Jenelle posted a cropped picture in which her tummy appeared round
· fans then noticed that Jenelle stood behind a counter in a video ad for some type of energy pill
· Jenelle's fiance, David Eason, posted a photo which seemed to show Jenelle with a bump (allegedly...), captioned "V.I.", the Roman numeral for 6. Fans speculate that this was a reference to a new baby - David has two children from a previous relationship, Jenelle has two children from previous relationships (8 y/o Jace & 1 y/o Kaiser), and the two share a 6 month old daughter, Ensley, meaning there are 5 kids in total. (Also possible: David completely forgot about Jace and the number six represents Jenelle, David, David's two children, Ensley & Kaiser)

I''m ready to make my life forever with you. 👰🏻💋 #SaveTheDate

source tweet IG 1 2 3

Do u think she's pregnant or just 6 months post-partum? hard 2 tell w/this 1
Tags: marriage, pregnancy, teen mom (mtv)
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