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Kesha talks about her new music, depression, seeing spaceships + getting hugged by Bob Dylan

In a new revealing in depth radio interview which is totally worth your time, Kesha digged into a bunch of different topics, talking about her life, the last couple of years and of course her new music #buyPrayingoniTunes. Some key points:

-She has been very excited and anxious to release her new music.
-Writing songs and even just being there in the studio was incredibly cathartic. Says that you need to allow yourself to suck in order to make those great songs.
-Didn't know if she would be able to release new music again and the only thing that got her out of bed in the morning was the hope and the desire to make that happen.
-One of the hardest things she had to learn was to wish happiness on the people that have hurt her and not holding grudges. ("it's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get hurt" she says)
-She still likes and appreciates her old songs, they continue to be a part of her and Praying is just the new chapter of her life as an artist and a person.
-Talks about seeing spaceships and the importance and meaning of Rainbow (letting colour and emotions back in your life).
-Managed to hit that Mariah whistle note after many takes, is nervous for the live performances of the song. Collaborating with Dolly Parton was a dream come true.
-Still loves glitter, says she is "the glitter Queen and that title will never be taken away from her!"
-Says the $ is indicative of her younger self, Kesha is more appropriate for this new phase of her life. The crazy Kesha is still there she re-assures us.
-The pigs in the Praying video are a "psychedelic interpretation of whatever scares you"
-Never got a hug from Jerry Seinfield but got two from Bob Dylan #upgrade.

If you don't have time to watch the full length interview, here's a couple of snippets from Kesha's other interview with BBC Radio 1.

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