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Paula Abdul is on the road again after 25 years + 5 Classic Paula moments

Paula Abdul is touring for the first time in 25 years! Paula will be on the road with NKOTB and Boyz II Men as a part of the 'Total Package' Tour in a show which incorporates Paula's famous highly-choreographed routines, impressive CGI visuals and crisp, pre-recorded vocals. More info and tickets here: http://www.ticketmaster.com/Paula-Abdul-tickets/artist/734383#artist_table_focus

Here's a highlights video of the show.

And since this is a post about the elusive chanteuse, let me take you on a little trip down memory lane and remind you what makes Paula such a captivating performer of today and yesterday.

Paula opened the 1990 American Music Awards with possibly her best performance ever, featuring stunts, non-stop dancing and even a remote control mechanical platform. Enjoy!

The song that got it all started of course was Straight Up which you can see performed in Japan as a part of her 'Under My Spell' 1992 tour.

Paula also garnered an impressive videography, often working with future Oscar-winner David Fincher. In the clip for 'Cold Hearted' Paula gives us her riskiest choreography yet while the video also serves as a middle finger to the rigid music industry executives and artistic censorship!

Although it received criticism at the time, Paula's 1991 VMA performance for Vibeology showcases her dancing and stage presence as well as her live vocals as the singer decided to sing live to address reports that she wasn't the one singing her records.

Proving she's still got it, Paula performed on the 15th season of Dancing with the Stars and danced her way through four no1 hits, mixing live choreography and recorded video in the process.

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