Ed Sheeran admits to Megyn Kelly that he'll never be as good as Adele

In a preview for Ed Sheeran's interview with Megyn Kelly which will air this weekend, Ed is asked about the time he said he wants to sell 20 million copies of Divide, and overtake Adele's record sales.

Ed says people told him it was "such an arrogant thing to say in public" but it's important to set high goals even if you'll probably never sell 20 million records or be as good as Adele.
"If you don't aim for the top of the mountain, how are you going to get halfway?

He explains that his point doesn't come across because the quote is taken out of context and spread all over the internet because it has the word Adele in it.
"The word Adele is something no one should fuck with basically. If you put that into any sentence, prepare to be shut down."