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Steven Yeun Talks Walking Dead, Representation, and Okja

  • Steven was offered a lot of leading roles this past pilot season, including a CIA guy on the run, a postapocalyptic world ex-cop and a “non-stereotypical genius.” He turned them all down. Guess which shows, ONTD!

  • He very politely states he thinks Glenn didn't get his due on The Walking Dead. He felt "they" didn’t acknowledge the connection people had with the character until he was gone, and his death scene was gratuitous. While he was grateful for the solo Entertainment Weekly cover, he felt it should have happened sooner, since he never got his own until Glenn's death. He also calls out the lack of Glenn merchandise.

  • The character of K in Okja was written specifically for him as a Korean-American, who has a different experience. He says it was crazy to have a role written for him, but also awesome.

  • Bobby Lee’s story about them auditioning for the same five-line part comes up, and Steven doesn’t blame the casting director. He talks about how the system is tilted against Asian-Americans and how people are ready for mainstream success and visibility. He also applauds everyone calling out the bullshit.

  • He treads carefully on the Tilda Swinton/Margaret Cho debacle, as well as the Tilda/Dr Strange casting.

  • His son was conceived in South Korea during Okja filming.


Please read the whole interview, it's fantastic.
Tags: asian celebrities, interview, race / racism, the walking dead / ftwd (amc), tilda swinton
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