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ONTD Original: Underrated Black Sitcoms

Remember Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Living Single, Girlfriends, A Different World, The Steve Harvey Show, Bernie Mac Show, Sister Sister, and more awesome black sitcoms were on television. Or remember when there was television channels that had an abundance (lol not really but more than now) of shows with a predominately black cast on channels like UPN/The WB and few times with a main networks having these shows. Now there is just one black sitcom on one of the major networks (Black-ish since The Carmichael's Show has been canceled).

So I made this list of other black sitcoms we might have forgotten or a sitcom underappreciated while it was on air. Also I believe all the shows I have on my list on still being seen on channels like MTV 2, Bounce, Centric and TV One.

Eve (2003-2006)

Eve | Shelly Williams
Jason George | J.T. Hunter
Ali Landry | Rita Lefleur
Natalie Desselle-Reid | Janie Egins
Brian Hooks | Nick Dalaney
Sean Maguire | Donovan Brink

Synopsis: Eve revolves around New York City fashion designer Shelly Williams, "a woman whose fashion career is on the move [but whose] her love life is a work in progress". She begins an on and off relationship with physical therapist J.T. Hunter. Both characters turn to two of their close friends for advice on the opposite sex, love, and relationships. Shelly frequently looks for advice from former model Rita Lefleur and married friend Janie Egins, while J.T. finds support in his best friend Donovan Brink and nightclub manager Nick Dalaney.

Parenthood (1995-1999)

Robert Townsend | Robert Peterson
Suzzanne Douglas | Geraldine (Jerri) Peterson
Reagan Gomez-Preston | Zaria Peterson
Curtis Williams | Nicholas Peterson
Ashli Amari Adams | Cecilia "CeCe" Peterson
Kenny Blank | Michael Peterson
Faizon Love | Wendell Wilcox
Tyrone Dorzell Burton | T.K. Anderson

Synopsis: The series is about an upper middle-class black family in Harlem, New York City named the Petersons. Robert Peterson is a college professor at New York University, and his wife Jerri is a law student. They try to balance their lives, their work, and their four children at the same time. The four kids span the ages from teens to toddlers.

Malcolm & Eddie (1996-2000)

Malcolm-Jamal Warner | Malcolm McGee
Eddie Griffin | Edward 'Eddie' Otis Sherman
Karen Malina White | Nicolette Vandross
Tucker Smallwood |Theodore Roosevelt Hawkins
Christopher Daniel Barnes | Leonard Rickets
Jaime Cardriche | Tim
Ron Pearson | Doug
Enya Flack | Bridget

Synopsis: Malcolm McGee is a responsible and sensible twenty something who ends up sharing an apartment and a business venture with relentlessly enthusiastic tow truck owner Eddie Sherman in Kansas City, Missouri (which is Eddie Griffin's hometown).

Half & Half (2002-2006)

Rachel True |Monique Alexandra "Mona" Rose Thorne
Essence Atkins | Deirdre Chantal "Dee Dee" Thorne, Esq
Telma Hopkins | Phyllis Thorne
Valarie Pettiford | Deirdre "Big Dee Dee" LaFontaine Thorne
Obba Babatundé | Charles Thorne
Chico Benymon | Spencer Williams
Alec Mapa | Adam Benet
MC Lyte | Kai Owens

Synopsis: The show focuses on the lives of two paternal half-sisters in their twenties who were estranged throughout their childhood, and are finally developing a close relationship. The series is set in San Francisco.

Roc (1991-1994)

Charles S. Dutton | Charles "Roc" Emerson
Ella Joyce | Eleanor Carter Emerson
Rocky Carroll | Joey Emerson
Carl Gordon | Andrew "Pop" Emerson

Synopsis: Roc chronicles the ups and downs of Baltimore garbage collector Charles "Roc" Emerson, a tightwad who constantly brought home "perks" (i.e. items thrown away by residents on his route); his wife Eleanor, a registered nurse; his womanizing younger brother Joey, a ne'er-do-well musician who had recently returned to the neighborhood; and his father Andrew, a retired Pullman porter.

ONTD, what's your underrated black sitcom(s)? favorite black sitcom?
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