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Series creator Michelle Lovretta talks representation in 'Killjoys' + a look at the next episode

In season two of Killjoys we were introduced to the concept of Hackmods. For those of you who aren't watching, Hackmods are human being with cybernetic implants. In season three the world of the Hackmods has been expanded and we get to see the community that they have created for themselves where Basics (non-modified humans) need not apply. The series is also primarily using amputee actors to play the Hackmods.

Recently, series creator Michelle Lovretta sat down with The TV Junkies to talk about season three. In the interview she discussed some of the major themes this season which can be seen in the Hackmod storyline.

"Bodily autonomy, agency and consent are probably my biggest hot button issues so they usually pop up in my work, but the Hackmod culture is definitely a new way for me to explore those things through a science fiction and futurism lens," Lovretta said. "My nerdy heart is just really curious about how future technology may merge with our physiology, and what that will do to our culture, our laws, and our prejudices. Also, like most human beings I have people in my extended family with various disabilities and frankly we just don’t see them centered enough in fictional worlds, and this was our chance to put them out there as aspirational badasses. Yeah, they’re disabled – they’re also futuristic superheroes who can kick your ass. Owning both those identities at once is something you don’t often see, and I really wanted to, so …that’s what I wrote."

Lovretta also went on to say she feels there's a lot more of the Hackmod story to see than what will play out in season three so we can expect them to return next year as well if people respond to them (which fans overwhelmingly have).

You can see a clip of Viktoria Modesta's first appearance in the next episode down below:

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New episode airs on SyFy and Space this Friday at 8/7c. It's worth the watch!

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