Britney arrives in Israel, Israeli fans can't even

Worldwide Princess of Pop is wrapping up her tour abroad with a final show in Tel Aviv, playing for a 50k strong crowd! Before she does that however, Brit decided to visit Jerusalem and specifically the Western Wall. However, Brit underestimated the local fans' enthusiasm which was described by local news media as a "veritable mob scene". If you remember the Israeli Labour party also decided to postpone its election as it clashed with the singer's concert #impact.

The drama continued on the political realm as the day's confusion led Britney's team to cancel a planned meeting with the country's PM. In response, the PM's office announced that the meeting had never actually been confirmed which led to a "furious" reaction by Britney's team. In any case Britney will be visiting sick children at a local hospital ahead of her concert Monday. It's unclear if she will end up meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu after all.

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