Lemmons (evillemmons) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Cast of "Younger" Chats About The New Season of The Series

-Yale graduate Peter Hermann says he wants to see Charles obsess over grammar like he does sometimes
-Sutton says Liza has no talent whatsoever, she dances horribly and sings off key
-Nico gives a shout-out to bisexuals
-Miriam jokes that she would like to see Diana wear bigger jewelry
-Hilary says Kelsey will continue having relationships with bad men
-Debi would like to see a scene on a subway
-Liza meets new men in this season and gets a promotion
-Diana and Liza will bond
-Liza will thank Maggie for everything
-Molly says she wants to see more storylines that showcase pansexuality
-Nico got a dog from a fan who slid into his DMs, while Peter got slapped by an old lady for Charles taking so long to kiss Liza
-Peter looks even hotter
-The interviewer is really good and super sweet aw
-Diana and Maggie will meet this season

What do you want to see this season, ONTD?

Tags: hilary duff, interview, sexy, younger (tv land)
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