Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn arrive in Rhode Island ahead of her famous yearly 4th of July party

Toe recently arrived in Rhode Island where Taylor traditionally throws her big Fourth of July party. The photos of Taylor and that guy getting off of her jet are as blurry as the other paparazzi appearances she's made since she disappeared months ago.

First in mid-may, blurry pictures of Taylor in front of her mother's house in Nashville emerged as she publicly announced her relationship with Joe Alwin. Then as sources close to Taylor exclusively confirmed Joe has met her friends but she's keeping their relationship "insanely private", the first blurry photos of Toe together near her private jet came out. A couple days later, we saw blurry photos of Taylor and Joe very casually enjoying coffee on her balcony. And now we see blurry confirmation that they will both be in attendance at her big holiday party.

In related news, it appears the giant water slide of patriotism is already up at her house and the party will be getting started soon.

Do you believe blurry paparazzi photos give off a less staged vibe than crisp, clear ones? Will Toe make their first public appearance together in high-definition at her party?