Bee Gees Barry Gibb says Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran Are Destined to be Legends

Bee Gee's Legend, Barry Gibb, was asked during Nordoff Robbins’ O2 Silver Clef Awards who he thought was destined for legendary status in today's pop world. Gibb named Rita Ora, Ariana Grande and for some reason Ed Sheeran as his three destined for the title. He goes on to say about Ed Sheeran: "he has a lot of miles forward of him, and we know Rita Ora & Ariana – she’s gonna have a good future. I am a female singer fan. I am inclined towards female singers."

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this OP is running out of paper bags for these ugly British singers tbh.

ONTD, do you agree? Who in music is well on their way to being Legends?