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ONTD ORIGINAL: Songs That Turned You From Fan to Stan

gorls i dont have to tell ya that we're in a pop girl music drought & that its been six months since our last pop music emergency ..

miss charli xcx: "Number 1 Angel's" songs were simply divine, CupCakKes' feature was heavenly & the songs would slay now & 100,00 years BC (before charli), the gays thank you. you won this weeks challenge

carly rae jackson, “Cut To The Feeling” was shear pop perfection, it served us DJ Tanner scissoring Debbie Gibson after losing a game of Mall Madness, and while the chorus was razor sharp, the verses gave us a .. papercut. you’re safe

katy perry-lee curtis: the gays really wanted “Witness” to be a pop music emergency, unfortunately, it was more of a pop music complaint, and while the songs were appeal .. ling, the promotion of the album left us saying .. "objecti on!", sorry my dear but youre up for elimination

ontd girls, i think its time we go back to re-asses & re-analyze what were songs that turned u from casual fan to a stan?

shall we?

Katy Perry

katy consistenly served us bops, and california gurls was a certfied fucking bop but there was a lack of pussy pop on a handstand that was until E.T, the good sis snatchedT a melody from legendary iconic tatu & gave the gworls the best r&b track of the 00's
Casual Fan Bops: "I Kissed A Girl", "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream" Cerftied Stan Bop: "E.T"

Britney Spears
in the pop olympics, there are legends and there are legends, unprecedently a pop gworl served up a certified stan bop out the ga(y)te. vegas queen, wayne newtoney fucked the gayz up w a fucking debut single, whomst else? if not anything else, the last chorus of BOMT qualifies it as Certfied Stan Bop for the swarming of the vocals, the counter melody, etc unprecedentally the best and weirdest last chorus in the last 30 years in any genre

Casual Fan Bops: "Baby One More Time" Cerftied Stan Bop: "Baby One More Time"

Lady Gaga

back in the day, before the banjo, the hootnanny ball & whatever the fuck ha last album was, gagarth brooks was giving, u know, just an italian girl from ny, u know like, i lived in a walkup on rivington (starting prices are $2,500 binch), u know that whole deal, and we were stanning for the cascada-esque hits before she fucking slayed us w bad romance, and further heavy metal lover (#3 best pop song of this decade, no question) etc

Casual Fan Bops: "Just Dance", "Paparazzi", "Beautiful Dirty Rich" Cerftied Stan Bop: "Bad Romance"

Lana Del Rey

"video games" sounds like what it felt like to be gay in 2011, and she gave and gave and gave and finally she (we) got to recieve when she gave us "cola", it was the turning point where the gays were like oh ok if i wasnt sure if this binch was in on the joke, i know now, and she leaned in further to the joke w the nobel peace prize winning video for "high by the beach"

Casual Fan Bops: "Video Games", "Blue Jeans", "Born to Die" Cerftied Stan Bop: "Cola"

Carly Rae Jepsen

carly has the distinction of being the artist on billboard w the most weeks at number 1 w "call me maybe" beating arethas record, queen, and she won best new artist at the grammys that year for her song & video that included the gays years before it became "cool", actually taking it to capitol hill, glaad named her artist of the decade, etc she became the critics darling & her status was cemented, until "run away w me" came and made ha a householt name

Casual Fan Bops: "Call Me Maybe", "Good Time", "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" Cerftied Stan Bop: "Run Away With Me"


beyonce is iconic bc shes beyonce, but i mean the gnathive doesnt wanna ackownledge the fact that, i, a gay, need hits

Casual Fan Bops: "Naughty Girl", "Radio", "Sweet Dreams", "Drunk in Love" Cerftied Stan Bop: N/A

Nicki Minaj

sisses, can we take a min to think about when nicki was .. safaree nicki still? when u heard she was featured on a song and u were slayed before hearing it? when u dealt w ha song, see: "right thru me", bc the songs slayed? let us take a min. anyway, yes ha verse on bedrock slayed, your love, problematic yes, but it slayed .. itty bitty piggy predated them both and slayed .. monster .. literally still slayed but as a gay, the verse on "woohoo" literally changed so many lives (for the better)

Casual Fan Bops: "Itty Bitty Piggy", "Monster", "BedRock", "Your Love" Cerftied Stan Bop: "Woo Hoo"


ok, work w me here, rihanna was legendary iconic for going to super cuts during the GGGB era, then something happened and she was iconic but not legendary iconic, then we found love, then she idk, then diamonds, then idk, then anti? and we were all like wtf? then anti really came out and it slayed and it was a moment for the gays like, okay .. ok shes here? shes here & you heard kiss it better and you were like ...... okay i understand, thats what u call legendary icontic

Casual Fan Bops: "Umbrella", "We Found Love", "Only Girl" Cerftied Stan Bop: "Kiss It Better"

ontd, what song did your fave make that made u a stan?

hey mods :*, text source is me, video sources are
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