ONTD ORIGINAL: Songs That Turned You From Fan to Stan

gorls i dont have to tell ya that we're in a pop girl music drought & that its been six months since our last pop music emergency ..

miss charli xcx: "Number 1 Angel's" songs were simply divine, CupCakKes' feature was heavenly & the songs would slay now & 100,00 years BC (before charli), the gays thank you. you won this weeks challenge

carly rae jackson, “Cut To The Feeling” was shear pop perfection, it served us DJ Tanner scissoring Debbie Gibson after losing a game of Mall Madness, and while the chorus was razor sharp, the verses gave us a .. papercut. you’re safe

katy perry-lee curtis: the gays really wanted “Witness” to be a pop music emergency, unfortunately, it was more of a pop music complaint, and while the songs were appeal .. ling, the promotion of the album left us saying .. "objecti on!", sorry my dear but youre up for elimination

ontd girls, i think its time we go back to re-asses & re-analyze what were songs that turned u from casual fan to a stan?

shall we?

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ontd, what song did your fave make that made u a stan?

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