ONTD Original: D23 Expo expectations


Yesterday, Disney released the full schedule for its D23 Expo, a little under 2 weeks away from the date it's set to start.
I made you guys this handy post so you have an idea of what's coming and what fans over the internet are hoping will happen.

Friday July 14th
Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios
We're likely to hear more about the Wreck it Ralph sequel, probably some more Coco promo. If we're lucky, we may be blessed with Brad Bird and that sequel he never really meant to do until recently, aka Incredibles 2.

Saturday July 15th
Disney Live Action
This is the big one for film. Lucasfilm and MCU are getting their announcements in this one. Speculation is that a trailer for Infinity War may be released here. Any adjustments made to the MCU timeline will definitely be here as well, and if Marvel is ready to announce the name of the final Avengers, it'll be here.
Because MCU is also coming to Comic Con, Marvel will definitely hold on to some footage or an announcement for the CC crowd, but Disney has been trying to keep most of the juicy stuff on D23 to boost the Expo's value.

Star Wars info will be lit because due to the recent shakeups with the Han Solo film, we're not likely to hear much from this film.... Unless they want to push it back (cancel it!). So maybe, we'll get a new Last Jedi trailer to make up for the lack of info.
If Disney doesn't announce that Obi Wan film featuring Ewan "best part of the prequels" McGregor here, it probably will not happen. Ever. At all.

Wishful thinking but, wouldn't it be nice for Kathleen Kennedy to announce that they're releasing the original Star Wars on bluray? Earlier this year, Disney seemed to be in talks with some people because Rogue One director Gareth Edwards made some side comments about how he had seen a restored version of A New Hope... But this isn't likely to happen because Disney doesn't want money.

This panel will also have the deets on the new live action adaptations so maybe we'll be subjected to concept stuff from Little Mermaid or Lion King (pls no), but most probably some footage of Mary Poppins! And perhaps some Mulan casting announcements also.

Parks & Resorts
Fans have long speculated that announcements about Epcot will be at D23, including a new attraction coming to the France pavilion and whatever Guardians of the Galaxy presence will replace the current Ellen attraction at the Energy pavilion.
There may also be announcements around further Marvel presence at Disneyland's California Adventure. If fans are really lucky (and Park fans never are), we'll also get a look at the WDW 50th anniversary celebration plans.

What will definitely happen is a further look into the Star Wars expansions at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios because the pavilion for the Parks & Resorts division at the show floor is called "A Galaxy of Stories".

Another thing that may happen almost fur sure, is that Disney will announce whatever changes they're making to the Great Movie Ride. The TCM sponsorship of the ride is expiring and Disney may revamp the ride into a Mickey Mouse adventure. Disney will also possibly reveal details of the new gondola transportation system, especially since that's been reported by everyone and their mom with a Disney parks blog.

Sunday, July 16th
A Whole New World of Alan Menken
Nothing to speculate here, Alan Menken is boss, composed your favs, etc

Full schedule can be found here if you want to have a look.

So, ONTD, what would you like to see announced at D23?