The Boy Is Mine: Did Rihanna Snatch Naomi's Ol' Boo Thang?

In a matter of a couple of hours, the Navy has managed to identify the new man Rihanna was spotted macking on in Spain.

To everyone's surprise, the man is rumored to be the same man Naomi was romantically linked with last year.

This revelation has caused fans to speculate if this was the source of their falling out. Naomi and Rihanna used to be super close industry friends who would always big each other up.

Cracks in their relationship became apparent a couple of months ago when the two unfollowed one another on Instagram. Fans also took notice when Naomi did not wish the singer a happy birthday in February yet shouted out model friend Cindy Crawford who shares the same born day as Rihanna.

Rumors were further amplified when Naomi appeared on WWHL.


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ONTD, do you think this is why Naomi and Rihanna don't fuck with each other anymore?
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