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Riverdale Roundup: Lots of Set Photos and New Reggie

Cameras only started rolling four days ago, but they're not wasting any time in the town with pep and OTT maple syrup heirs.

In what's definitely a dream sequence, Archie and Veronica get married in the park as witnessed by family, friends, a gunman, Skeet Ulrich, and a suddenly living Jason Blossom. Thanks to Brazilian fansites and a site dedicated to shows that shoot in Canada, there's a bunch of photos!

Meet Charles Melton, the new Reggie. For those that don't know, one of the things that has come out about season two is that Reggie and Josie will become a couple

These were some of the first set photos to come out where Archie is just walking his dog while some of his dad's blood is just chillin on his undershirt.

Obligatory Bughead pandering

Some uh, interesting promo photos. Really just that leather jacket with Marlon Brando's face and the dabbing are giving me second hand embarrassment



Molly Ringwald back on set though it's not known for how long

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