Last PPL Theories Post Before Freedom

After years of torture by Marlene's terrible twisted plot lines, the day has almost arrived, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS WILL FINALLY END!

Before the series finale, and hopefully a viewing party lead by our good sis secretlytigress , here's a recap of everything we want to know (but there's a lot missing!!)

1. What is Wren's role in this mess?
Seriously, why? And they showed him again for a few seconds because... ?? Why?

2.Give us the T about the Wine Moms getting out of the basement.
You know, for future reference.. just in case I get trapped (and drunk) in a basement.

3.Who is Alison's baby daddy?
Emison is raising this baby UGH FFS WHY?! but who is the sperm donor? Was the sperm stolen? Does the father know? Is it A's baby? Why did they even do this storyline in the first place?!

4. Who is AD?
This evil mastermind is probably the best criminal in the history of criminals. Poirot, Sherlock Holmes and Montalbano together would not be able to find out his identity (because I'm sure it makes no sense at all!) The people NEED to know (and hopefully, we will not be disappointed!)

5. WHY??
What was the point of this game? Why would an Absolute Degenerate torture those girls for all these years? Why did we keep on watching this show?

Thank you for your help, mods!

What do you want to know, ONTD? Are you excited for Ezria's wedding? Will this be a disappointing finale? Give me all your best theories!