Han Solo film had even more behind the scenes drama

More reports are coming out about the drama behind the scenes of the Han Solo spin off film. As you may be aware, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were replaced by Ron Howard last week.

A break down of additional drama is below.

The Hollywood Reporter cites multiple situations of a difference in opinion on the film between the directors and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

Alden Ehrenreich was the first to voice his concerns about the tone of the picture and particularly the direction of his character. Ehrenreich had concerns with the production as filming progressed. He started to worry that Lord & Miller’s screwball comedy angle was starting to interfere with what the character of Han Solo is really about – even if this was a younger, more reckless take on the character than the one we met in that Cantina on Tatooine. One source described it as being oddly comparable to Jim Carrey’s performance in Ace Ventura at times. Ehrenreich let his concerns be known to one of the producers, who then told Kennedy about it, which led to her decision to look over the existing footage (which is also a normal part of the production process, but this is where things get interesting).

When an assembly cut actually started to come together, this is where Kennedy and Kasdan – as well as the other people reporting to them – started to get deeply concerned. There were concerns with performances and action setpieces and Lucasfilm wanted to get an edit that’s more faithful to Kasdan’s script. There were reports of a “zany” tone to more scenes than they would have liked which could have been the result of too much improve.

The directors were not filming extra takes to use in the editing process and Kennedy and Solo co-scriptwriter/producer Lawrence Kasdan were concerned about the direction Miller and Lord were going with the film.

Sources claimed the directors were beginning to feel massive pressure from Kennedy and Kasdan and limiting their creative freedom during the production process.

After filming moved from London to the Canary Islands this year, Lucasfilm replaced the editor of the film, Chris Dickens, with longtime Ridley Scott collaborator Pietro Scalia.

In addition, Lucasfilm also asked the directors to bring on an acting coach (as THR notes, while it’s not unusual for acting coaches to be hired, it’s unprecedented for a film so late in production) for star Alden Ehrenreich, after registering dissatisfaction with the performance Miller and Lord were getting out of the actor.

Kennedy requested writer Kasdan to head to the set after these changes didn’t lead to the results they were looking for on the film. Miller and Lord pushed back at his presence—said to be similar to Tony Gilroy’s late-game involvement in completing Rogue One after its own production troubles—and a day later, Kennedy made the decision to fire the directors.

One source speaking to THR claims that upon the announcement to the crew that Ron Howard would step in to take over the film a day after Miller and Lord’s firing, applause broke out. But while Miller and Lord are now off the film, sources claim that Howard is very willing to use much of the footage they shot to help complete the movie.

Updated with second source. Bob Iger isn't confirming or denying if the movie will be delayed.

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