TLC on lack of superstars these days

25:40 - "I just wish there was more creativity, stronger lyrical content, a lot of substance and more superstars. Like anybody can sing stuff these days and I could be standing next to them in an elevator and don't know who they are. That's what I don't like. I think that's missing overall, that's what is lacking. "
"There's no more Madonnas, there's no more Janet Jacksons. There're very far and few in between because even if somebody is popular these days, it's different when you don't want to... you know how you used to want to dress like Michael? This person is popular but you don't like all they have... this style or just the whole package... it's all just a popular song or look good or sell sex or just whatever... but it's just not the same anymore."


they're so right. ontd, why don't we have superstars like mj, madonna, janet, whitney and prince these days?