Halsey responds to claims that she was never homeless

When the good sis Halsey was starting out, she revealed that she had been homeless at one point before and used music as a way to make money. However, people didn't believe her as they figured out that her iconic Tumblr videos that show her in her childhood bedroom must have been filmed at the same time she was homeless. In an interview with The Guardian, Halsey clarified that she was 'in between living situations' back then and said: “I get it all the time. People say: ‘How could you be homeless, you were a One Direction fan?!’ It’s like, can’t you be both? Everyone wants to pick on me all the time. What do I have to do, an Excel page with a ****ing timeline of my life, just so you guys will give me some credibility?"

She actually gave a timeline: Halsey graduated from high school at 17 and moved in with an abusive boyfriend, because she hadn’t gone to college her parents had disowned her and wouldn’t offer financial support, moved to the city and spent time living with a guy that she had started dating, who was a drug addict. “The dark part of it was when I was living with a heroin addict and not speaking to my family. People might say it doesn’t ‘count’, but it counted to me. Thinking all my friends were going to die and being by myself and being terrified. It was easily the darkest time of my life. The one thing I was doing was maintain my persona online. I never let anyone know I didn’t have a home. If there’s one thing I was smart about at the time, it was knowing that if I wanted to be a musician, I needed to keep up my appearance.”"

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