Warner Bros. May Avoid ‘Auteur Directors’ On Future Projects

  • WB is one of the few studios who actually take chances, and a lot of their chances (King Arthur, Jupiter Ascending, Live By Night) end up in costly flops.

  • Some new changes in the studio do not want to hire people who demand too much creative control on HUGE movies.

  • It's assumed that directors who demand final cut of their work - Ritchie, Affleck - would probably not be placed on those projects.

  • There are people - Nolan, Eastwood - who deliver good films under budget so it would not affect them.

  • Tentpoles like Harry Potter, Warner Animation Group's LEGO Cinematic Universe, and the DCEU would not be affected either.


This makes sense tbh, some of these movies didn't need to be made and certainly not for their costs.
Do we not have a Warner Brothers tag?
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